Saturday, January 5, 2013

2012 Crossing Over: A New Beginning

"The new world of love is coming." Santos Bonacci, Bud Barber and others speak about the true significance of the 2012 prophecies which tell of a new beginning instead of the mainstream media version of worldwide catastrophes designed to generate fear. The film explains how the Mayan long count calendar finished on 21 December 2012 but that, rather than signifying the end of the world as some claimed, in fact heralds the beginning of a new cycle. This coincides with the end of a 24,000 year cycle; that of the precession of the equinoxes, as the Earth moves from the constellation of Pisces into that of Aquarius, the sign of brotherhood. Many believe that we are moving into a new era of peace and love as the vibrational frequency of the planet rises. At these higher vibrations, fear and the emotions that stem from it such as greed, envy, anger and hatred are too dense and slow-moving to exist. As we go through this transition period, it can seem like things are getting worse as centuries of negativity comes to the surface to be released and healed.

Our role in this process is to take responsibility for ourselves, release our projections and our tendency to blame others and to live from the heart instead of the mind or the ego. And to choose love in every moment.