Monday, June 4, 2018

Magenta PIxie and Jeff Daugherty - an interesting conversation

With her cute name and pink headphones, Magenta Pixie might seem like a typical New Age hippie but in fact she is a lot more down to earth than many others I have listened to. For me, the things she says really resonate and make so much sense. The channelings she receives from the group of beings she calls 'The Nine' seem very esoteric but I realise they are designed to be understood more by the right brain than the left. In other words they are not meant to be understood in a linear way but, like many religious scriptures, they are metaphors with language that evokes visual imagery of symbols and archetypes that activate the creative right brain, in turn producing complex emotions that take time to be assimilated and understood by the logical left brain. The feelings the words arouse in me are positive and that is an indication to me that their vibratory frequency is in harmony with my own at this stage in my growth. Many of the things Magenta (whose real name is Petra) says echo thoughts and ideas I've had myself which confirms that this information is right for me at this time as the synchronicity brings us the experiences that answer our questions or validate our intuitions. In this interview she touches on  many different concepts that I find really interesting such as timelines, ascension and twin flames.

Once again Magenta is talking about the need for those who have awakened or, in other words, those who have seen through the veil of lies that humanity has been living under for hundreds of years to unite. She uses the terms 'truther' and 'new-ager' to label the two types of awakened individuals in a simplified interpretation of the current situation that those of us working for humanity's liberation find ourselves in. Magenta points out that the two groups are already united by their desire for freedom, sovereignty and peace. I explained this in a previous post, Bridging the Gap (Unification of Polarity): Beltane to Summer Solstice 2018. Magenta says the Nine call these two groups service to others in contrast to the Cabal/Illuminati/Deep State groups that form the control structure which they call service to self. She says they see many trajectories for us to arrive at the goal of a better society for our planet and one is for the two service-to-others groups to unite. These groups are both aware of not only the atrocities that have been committed for centuries by the service to self groups, but also the existence of free energy and other technologies that would improve our lives beyond measure as well as the involvement of extra-terrestrial races in our human history and evolution. Despite the fact that, by Magenta's calculation, the service to others groups represent only 20 percent of humanity, if they were to unite this would bring down the control structure due to their collective focus on manifesting the same vision of a new paradigm.

Jeff Daugherty is her interviewer in this video. Formerly in the US military and having spent 20 years as a Christian minister, he has an understanding of the typical perspective of those in the Truther camp but also has a deep understanding of spirituality, due to his faith, as well as an awareness of more New Age beliefs. For this reason, Magenta says that he could act as a kind of ambassador between the two groups and she stresses the need for more individuals to play that role at his time. Jeff points out that, "Our answer doesn't come from Washington DC or any of our state capitals, our answer doesn't come from politics, our answer doesn't come from having any sort of a revolution, the answers to our problems are not answers that can be solved on Earth. They can't be solved politically, they can't be solved financially, they can't be solved by any of these carnal, if you will, means. We are not fighting a physical battle, we're fighting a spiritual battle." Magenta agrees and says that, although she understands the Truthers' point of view, she says they need to look beyond the third dimension. She says it's important to know this because the service to self groups are aware of more than one dimension. She says not all of them because the control structure is a hierarchical system, but that those at the top are fully aware of multidimensionality and divinity and this is why they have had an advantage because they have kept these secrets from the world.

They move onto the topic of channeling as Magenta explains her own experience as she's been channeling since 1993. She says that she channels the Nine but that they are in some sense her future self and also aspects of humanity. Jeff says that he thought channeling meant going into a trance and allowing another being to come and take over your body. Magenta explains that that is how channeling used to be. You would go into a trance, open your field and another entity would speak through you. She says that due to the dense frequency of the planet, in order to connect with the other quantum aspects of you and other dimensions it was necessary to go into a trance, into hypnosis, use shamanic plants or go inside a pyramid. But now that the planet has gone up in frequency and the energy has got lighter and lighter we don't need to do these things anymore. We don't need the shamanic plants such as ayahuasca, which has recently become very popular, as we already have DMT naturally occurring in our brains. As to what we may attract in terms of entities, this really depends on our own frequency. Magenta says that if a a person is very angry, violent and gets drunk every night and is abusive to their partner and then tries to channel, they are going to get an entity or a reflection that's going to mirror that. Later, she says that if you ask with a pure heart you cannot get a negative entity because there are rules. She says that some people don't like to call it channeling possibly due to the negative association and instead call it "getting downloads". She says it takes many forms such as clairaudience (hearing messages), clairsentience (feeling sensations in the body), clairvoyance (seeing images) and for some it's pure knowing. She says that with the intention of wanting to channel you will. It is a case of asking as this is using our power of free will and then maybe two days later we are watching a film and we aren't even thinking about what we asked for and suddenly we realise that our question has been answered by the story or something one of the characters says. Magenta says that this is synchronicity or what the the Nine call, 'the meaningful subjective experience'.

Jeff asks Magenta to talk about twin flames. He has met his twin flame and explains how it has completely transformed his life. They have a really great dialogue on this topic. Magenta says it's like he and his twin have taken their cell phone and plugged it in the wall and charged it up. She says we can charge with crystals, we can charge with geometry, in a pyramid and with other people and the greatest charge is the twin flame aspect. Jeff says that it is not for us to be lovey-dovey and 'woo woo' (*see link for explanation) but it's for us to be in service and create and be even more helpful to humanity. "You can call it a conscious couple, a tantric couple, a destined couple or you can simply say a couple who are very much in love and who have a creative and unified relationship." says Magenta. Jeff says he thinks it is alchemical, that there is divine alchemy. Magenta agrees and says twins are each other's reflection to the DNA change and that every time they are in the company of that person they're triggering each others DNA reconfiguration without even speaking. Jeff says, that it accelerates, it accelerates your development, your progress, your reconstruction. "Especially when you come together physically because then you trigger the Kundalini and you raise that up the spine." Magenta goes on to say that this is one of the biggest secrets that sex with a loving partner is one of the most powerful ways to activate the DNA structure, open the pineal gland, open to the inner worlds, create those inner worlds and go through stargates. It's truth that has been hidden from us that goes way beyond what the deep state are up to. Jeff says, "It makes perfect sense that they have perverted and dirtied and sullied sexuality. It is one of the most sacred acts we can do which is why we should be conscious of who we are having sex with and how we are having sex and we can learn to channel that and use that tremendous creative power not just to create babies but tremendous creative power and reconstructive power. Find your right person, have a great sexual relationship and you're actually rebuilding your crystal light body."

 Magenta explains what the Nine say about twin flames. "The Nine have said that if you look at the oneness of the universe, being one pulse, then that's the flame. And there's a reason why it's called the flame. If you look clairvoyantly at it, it actually looks like fire and it is fire because the nearest substance we have in this reality, in matter, is actually plasma. It's blue! (agreeing with Jeff) The flame is this unity, this oneness, this pulse. And this pulse wanted to know what it was. It didn't know what it was. It wanted to know if it was conscious. It's very difficult to analyse the flame. It's one moment, one time, one thought; no moment no time, no thought. It's none of these things and all of these things. It's beyond our comprehension. But we can comprehend it. We need to go into multiple ways of thinking and we need to become a genius. When we get our 12-strand template back, that's what we will be and we will know. We won't just comprehend, we will be this. It's a complete reflection of it. So the twin flame is the first separation from that thought. I am conscious and then the reflection to that is "Am I?" How do you know you're conscious? So then we're going to find out if we're conscious. So how do we do that? We divide  So we mirror this in our reality. So we mirror this by taking the perspective of I am I, because we have an identity, that I. Then we become "we" because we're looking at all these multiple selves and higher selves and guides and everything else. Then we become I again because we are all cohesively, we've come together. We mirror that in our relationships as well. So another way of saying this is that you are your own twin flame. Your higher self, your true twin flame is Jeff (speaking to the interviewer), in the higher dimensions, in the future dimensions because it's the flame. So the energy that reflects that alignment with your true twin flame, can present in many different partners but it will present in the one partner that, when it comes to synchronicity and destiny, is drawn into your life through this resonance. It's a total magnetic reflection."