Sunday, November 11, 2018


From 11 11 2011 to 11 11 2018 (2 + 0 +1 + 8 = 11) = 7 years, a complete cycle.

This is the transcription of the video above that I felt compelled to do as it was a form of meditation on the information contained within it. This the the closing of a circle for me of 7 years since 2011 when I met my twin. I remember the 11:11:11 of that year and at that time I had a strong sense of the importance for us of that date. I don't have a 3D linear understanding but I know the information I have transcribed below holds great significance for me and that I understand it on a non-linear level. It's the same as if you asked me to try to hold in my mind the concept that there is no time; no past, no future, only now and that there is no space, only here. It's impossible for us to hold these truths in our human 3D minds because they are only able to process information of a finite nature. If I ask you to think about infinity you can't do it. It's impossible for us to understand concepts that have no boundaries because our human minds are designed in this way to allow us to experience the 3D world of limitation and finite resources. But this is only an illusion.

When you read and or listen to the video, do not try to understand the information on an intellectual level. Simply allow it to wash over you and instead listen with your heart.

"At this time holding energetics from your luminescent Samhain stargate, the seed points into critical mass, for neon bioplasmic, crystalline light to be planted and thus create the coat of many colours that is the photonic glow of the lightbody, you move into a connected phase and awareness of such connection is heightened, understood and processed at the time of your 11:11 moment 11th of November 2018. Within numerology one could place this as a triple 11 gateway. Yet cosmically within the hearts, minds and memories of activated ones, starseeds, the 11:11 times and dates are always most significant. This is your vertical pillar of light: integrity, intuition, resonation.  The twin flame marriage that is between sea and sky that is higher self walking into physical self, guidance system of light, merger with 3rd dimensional counterpart and knowledge of vertical ascension that comes with this matter-antimatter merge, alchemical alliance within

Perceptions of time that run alongside one another that we speak of now moment zero point awareness in conjunction with linear beginning and end model. Perceptions of time that run alongside one another move into heightened awareness at the 11:11 moments.

The 11:11 geometric numerals are the twin flame pillars of light vertical axis the framework or very foundation of the matrix of self. Physiologically this is the spine, the backbone, the divine sacred masculine force that is the foundational axis for the entire infinite matrix structure to be built upon.

At this time, your 11:11 of 2018, the critical mass rises to its peak and connects into the trajectory into that which you know as the past. That was your true triple gateway 11:11:11 which was November 11 2011. Ritual, ceremony and focused intentional axes were created, sending out energetic electromagnetic threads into the future, caught in your now time or melded with the intentional focus, ceremony and ritual of your now time creating a bridge or wormhole betwixt both 11:11:11 gateways jumping into the 7-year circle these dates connect in through the ritual, prayer, meditations, spell or ceremony that the conscious individuals, those that we call starseeds undertake.

This is the reason why so many of you are called to celebrate, party, gather together in sacred ritual, prayer and ceremony at this time. Be this gatherings with ascension light body based focus or personal ceremony such as renewals of vows you have made, weddings and sacred hand-fastings or celebrations of anniversaries of such.

The 11:11 twin pillars of light energetic representing the ultimate paradox within the structure, idea, thought, situation or being, is connected with at every marked moment of 11:11 be that synchronistic number appearing within your life, timings upon your clocks, or dates upon your calendar. The perfection of the twin pillars of light, known also here as a double unity, as it directly cascades into the numerology of the pair, the double, the parallel, the polarity, the doppelganger and the number 2. Hence the first and foremost symbology the twin flame. Hence the number 2 is always significant in the double 1, if you will, that which equals the creation of the 11, linking also into the elemental reality through the 11 kingdom also known to you as the Elven Kingdom.

These are the elementals that are consciousness structures formed in a complete manifestation from the blueprint of the original geometric template, as are you dear starseeds and all your human brothers and sisters. Why then do we refer to this as the ultimate paradoxical unification? This is exactly that which the twin pillars of light as the sacred elven, or eleven, creates.  The two that becomes the one. Within zero, one and two, you have the three which is the holy trinity. These are the geometric codes for alchemy and thus creation. Zero, one, two and three: pure potential, unity, paradoxical unification and manifestation.

With the double unity pillars side by side comes the awareness of paradox and unity and how paradoxical understanding creates unification and indeed how unification will bring with it the creation of and understanding of paradoxical consciousness. We speak not of split or fragmented thought but of unified thought that understands and processes paradoxical consciousness within their unified and whole-thought structure that is their paradigm. For how can opposing concepts be relevant to one thought within a consciousness structure?

Within polarity experience they are always opposing and the thought held by the organic consciousness structure, such as the human being, or should we say human seeker at this point, is always either or. Commitment to one polarised camp or another is the mark of separation. This a most useful concept within integration for one cannot process an opposing structure if one does not see it as opposing in the first place. Yet this concept is also used as a control tool to gather and herd the masses into submissive, non-questioning beings so they may remain locked within separation, allowing nefarious and negatively-polarised structure to dominate and feed upon the unsuspecting and trapped individual and group.

If one remains locked within the polarity, one cannot integrate the opposing aspect and thus move into paradoxical consciousness and unity. Division tactics are thus used constantly for keeping you divided prevents your integration and unification, yet also prevents the natural growth you are destined for as a race.

11:11 the geometry representing this growth into unification through paradoxical consciousness has been hijacked and used to keep you within polarity. The date, the time, the symbol; all have been hijacked so your immediate thought when you think of the sacred twin pillars of light is the polarity and division you have been forced, trained and controlled into taking within your paradigm as truth.

Yet always there have been scholars and seekers upon your planet who have known of the true nature of the twin pillars of light - the 11:11 - and thus the understanding within the archetypal mind has been preserved despite extensive division tactics. The twin pillars of light that stand alongside one another within 11:11 create four pillars giving you here the sacred square. This has been preserved within the archetypal mind and etched into the organic crystalline geometry of the DNA template, replicating itself again and again within the willing service-to-others starseeds who have incarnated upon the planet Earth again and again in order to preserve the great truths and mysteries of the Atlantean priests.

Staseeds incarnating for the first time within their memory individualisation have also brought the electromagnetic light structure within them that is the sacred square of the 11:11. As paradoxical consciousness reaches critical mass amongst the starseeds, this is radiated as a beam of light coded information across the planetary structure moving into the sphere of all receptive humanity. Within each repeated 11:11 presented through synchronicity, the sleeping human wakes again and again, nudged by the memory of the alchemical code that is 11:11 and the sacred square.

Division tactics and the hijacking of the 11:11 could only last for so long for 11:11 is in itself an open gateway. One that could only remain closed, if you will,  through illusion of linear time and separation. Once that illusion reaches critical mass, then the 11:11 gateway is shown for what it is, an open gateway, a portal that never closes. For alchemical calling must be available for all and every structure as is universal law.

At this time, critical mass is reached within the starseed consciousness and the beloved lady, the divine princess Aurora grows brighter and brighter within each passing hour, as do you dear starseeds. As you approach your eleventh hour, this is the moment that is the tipping point for the elveth hour, gateway into the Elven kingdom is the critical mass point simultaneously. So too is it the tipping point for paradoxical consciousness. You hold within you now the understanding that you stand between two 11:11 gateways and the 11:11 portal, rainbow bridge that connects you from seedpoint to into critical mass manifestation. 11:11:11 triple 11 gateway of the heart 11th of November 2011 into 11:11:11 triple 11 numerological gateway of the soul linking into the seedpoints from that 7-year cycle.

The triple 11 gateway was an intergalactic portal and the most significant now moment zero point node point prior to your 2012 cosmic moment. It was the triple 11 gateway that began the ascension awareness and the great awakening for a very large number of starseeds. Critical mass amongst humanity on Earth of true unity consciousness was reached at this point. Yet despite this being a critical mass awareness, this was a seed point into processed consciousness. Unity was known to some intellectually and to others it was emotional, hence the gateway of the heart. Yet it ran along a mono-line, if you will, as a critical mass point. Embraced as zero point.  Yet the full interlocking integration that occurs within the alchemical state was not fully processed yet the seeds were laid.

We speak here of the paradoxical concept that is zero point now moment awareness and the illusory linear time experience simultaneously processed and understood. For when this occurs the matching physical and geological maifestation takes place, thus the birth of twin planetary systems within different dimensions begins and this becomes a merge. We speak here of third dimensional Earth and that which we refer to as fifth dimensional Gaia.

The rainbow bridge portal between the geometric triple 11 gateway of the heart and the numerological triple 11 gateway of the soul is representative within the alphabetical numerals known also as fire letters within the DNA structure. The paradoxical consciousness thus then begins and the full walking of zero point time and linear time takes place as one. The tird dimension and fifth dimension will be felt simultaneously by all those who connect to the triple 11 pathway, the gateway to the Elven Kingdom.

The Elven are the peoples with magical understanding, connecting with the very deepest layers of nature, through layered and fractalised symbology. The Elven genetic code is within all starseeds for as we have said before, the elemental and extra-terrestrial are one and the same, despite the elemental being most terrestrial, if you will. These are your forebears, your Lyran, Syrian and Pleiadian forefathers placing within you their own genetic code. Or we could call these activated Dragon's Breath memories.

The triple 11 gateway or the portal between the two, when understood and processed, allows you to connect with the former mindstreams of the Atlantean priests and read the contents of the crystal templates held within that which is also known as the thirteenth crystal skull. All comes together. All ties together within the infinite bow that is eternity. These time portals when understood by you create that which they were intended for which the activation and awareness of zero point field consciousness.

It matters not if this comes through past life memory, hypnotic trance, channeling or simply inspiration. All is the same energetic expressed within its unique way, within the unique being that is you. Therefore take the processing that is most relevant to you a this time. For all acts as a perfect symphony for the divine princess Aurora, lady of the lake, Guinevere of Avalon to sing the feminine falsetto in acapella across the celestial heavens, taking her place within the creation of the music of the spheres.

If this be the twin flame understanding, then take this within your processing. Or if it be the two-world split of 3D and 5D Earth embraced alongside one another or the moving away of polarity and refusing to partake within creative division through polarity debate, battle, war, prejudice or a polarised belief system. Or if it be the paradoxical consciousness itself and all that this way of thinking entails. Perhaps the mathematical precision in the intrinsic time travel that is merkaba mechanics and DNA influence and creation through the wormhole rainbow bridge between group thought structure and time and the tying in of this creating a time portal. Or perhaps the nature of the zero point now moment itself. At first losing all sense of the linear expression and wondering why one's reality is so drastically and emphatically changed. Or the coming back down into the third dimension and enjoying the awareness of the physical body as you stand as the walk-in, higher self, ET alternate soul that falls into your physical body as you walk out, if you will, through your kundalini fast-track activation.

Perhaps the synchronicity of 11:11 itself or the other critical mass amongst the starseed thought structures which are awareness of hidden government programs and advanced technologies, crimes committed by deep-state factions and the bringing of these to light or the awareness of your media presentation through journalism, investigative reporting and entertainment industries as tools that have been created to keep you enslaved and ignorant as a human race. Or indeed the hijacking of the sacred square symbolic that is the 11:11 and indeed the 11:11:11, the holy trinity triangle, prism, triad within the square creating the infinite spiral, or ouroborus that brings everything back to you.

All these alchemical transformations reach critical mass amongst the starseed communities and radiate crystal technologies even superior to Atlantean technology across your planet, changing its very structure and density at the most fundamental levels. You may use the rainbow bridge betwixt the gateway of the heart and the gateway of the soul at this time of the numerological triple 11 gateway, doorway to the Elven Kingdom, into the ultimate paradoxical unification. This bridge is yours, through celebration, ceremony, spell-casting, candle-lighting, twin flame connection, altar creation, crystal work, union with the goddess and simply through acknowledgement, gratitude and intention. Elven magic into the 2 that becomes 1, cosmic twin flame of the heart and soul. This time is yours."

What is your life path number? Add all the digits of your date of birth together: day, month and year and reduce them by continuing to add them until you have one digit remaining. This is your life path number. Only stop at two digits if your arrive at 11 or 22 which are called master numbers. Mine is 3, which makes perfect sense as I had an attachment to this number before ever hearing about numerology.