Sunday, June 9, 2019

Creating 5D

I listen to videos a lot because I listen while I'm driving and, since I drive a lot, I learn more this way than from books these days. I decided to listen to Dr Joe Dispenza today because one of my students told me about him. My student is going on a week-long retreat in Cancun with him this week and has been telling me about him. He said that Dr Dispenza conducts research at his retreats and has had some incredible results with the power of the mind and its ability to effect profound changes in the body. My student told me that Dispenza has done research that showed some of his participants with type 1 diabetes literally altering their DNA with the result that they no longer had this genetic condition.

My student and I have had many lively conversations about the power of the mind and have lent each other books. I lent him the Bruce Lipton book, The Biology of Belief, about epigenetics which he loved and I loved a book he lent me in Spanish called, Morir Para Ser Yo, (original version Dying to be Me) about a woman who had an NDE (near death experience) and a spontaneous healing. We inspire each other and both of us have made changes to our lives as a result of our conversations but he is better than I at implementing changes because he's an Aries action man whereas I'm a Capricorn plodder. Nevertheless, I know I'll get there in the end because I never give up and, as they say, slow and steady wins the race.

Dr Joe Dispenza says that we need to create a vision of the future we want to experience and visualise it regularly. I already have a vision of where I want to be thanks to a girl I met a few years ago who asked me to draw a picture of my ideal house. This I did which then grew into many more visions that I would have as I was meditating or falling asleep. I continued to work on this with the Law of Attraction material created by Esther and Jerry Hicks.

I still have my vision of what I want to achieve but sometimes I forget to energise it with my belief while I go through the ups and downs of my life. Lately, I have been going through a lot of downs as I clear the past but now I'm feeling my optimism return and a renewed determination to learn more about the latent abilities that I believe we all have.

As I was driving home today, I was thinking that this is how we create 5D, by transforming our world from the inside out.

Don't feel sorry for me. Leave me alone.

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