Friday, April 3, 2020

Kerry Cassidy on Cv

Great intel from Kerry Cassidy. I love her measured response to the events unfolding during these intense days. Her information is really resonating in this interview as well. Listening to this interview I am having fun again on this Earth walk. There are some disturbing things that the Cabal/Illuminati et al had planned for us but, as Magenta Pixie said, we are at a choice point of creation and we can choose where we go. We are the creators and more and more people are realising it every day.

I am human and I am processing all of the darkness that I see in the world as well as the darkness that's inside of me. I never said I had all the answers, merely that I am trying to understand how to stay true to my own values and to stay conscious enough to be of service. I find myself analysing my intentions for the things I say and do but I am honest with myself when I have made a mistake.