Thursday, September 20, 2012

A man confronts Abraham over the misery in the world

If you are not familiar with the teachings of Abraham, I will give you a quick explanation. Esther Hicks is a channel of a non-physical being who goes by the name of Abraham. If you are not familiar with channeling you might well be skeptical that such a thing is taking place. Therefore, I would recommend you put those doubts aside and just listen to the information and the wisdom that is communicated by Esther. The main idea that is put forward by Abraham is that we are the creators of our own reality, without exception. That most of us are completely unaware of how powerful we actually are and that each of us possesses the ability to create the life we have only ever dreamed about. I would imagine that most people would not be open to believing this. Those that do believe it have a personal process of re-learning or, some would say, remembering to go through because the world around them that they have grown up in has programmed them with a belief system that is very persistent, not least because it is being reinforced every day by the society in which they live. But when you open your mind enough to begin to allow this view of the world, you start to see evidence of the truth of  these teachings. Of course, this information is not new. It has been known about and passed down by the spiritual masters for thousands of years but is only now having a wider renaissance.

During this process, many questions arise. One question that is frequently asked is, "If we are creators of our own reality, why would anyone ever choose to be tortured, abused or murdered? Why would someone choose to live a life of poverty or pain?" These questions are very valid and I have asked them myself many times. The answer lies in the fact that we live in a world of polarity, of opposites. Happy, sad, good, bad, fast, slow, hot, cold, dark, light and all the shades in between.  Abraham calls this contrast. Our world is one of contrast and Abraham tells us that we chose to come here to experience this contrast for the expansion (evolution) that it would provoke in us. From our limited perspective this might sound incredible and difficult to integrate into our own belief systems. The following video is of an Abraham seminar where a man is asking these same questions and having the same difficulty accepting that this could be true.

In my case, I do not believe nor disbelieve it. It is one explanation that fits better than any other I have heard. I have asked many times why, if there were a God who loved us unconditionally, would he allow us to suffer? Why would he abandon little children to a fate worse than death of starvation or abuse? I asked myself if I believed that we were loved by a God or higher power and the answer came back as yes, unequivocally. Every cell in my body answers yes. And that love is who I am and what I am made of. So if I believe that there is a benevolent God, Creator, Source from which all else comes, why doesn't s/he step in and save us? That's where free will comes into the equation. We need to save ourselves. We've had some guidance in how to do this by individuals that we have sanctified and revered but often their message has been distorted or in some cases lost completely. Free will implies that we have power over our own destiny by virtue of the choices we make in our lives. For me it's not such a great leap to believing that we create our own reality.

So returning to the question of why people would create such awful awful experiences if they could choose, the answer may lie in the fact that the majority of people don't know they are creating their own reality and even if they did, many would not believe it. By not choosing consciously, they create by default. They are then subject to the will of others who have an agenda or they are swept along by the group or mass consciousness of their environment, carried along by the tide.