Saturday, April 16, 2016

Trust yourself

Subtitles in English

With so many people now using the internet, the number of people touting conspiracy theories has exploded and paranoia is at an all-time high. It's more difficult than ever to tell fact from fiction especially when there's money to be made from the conspiracy market. Add to that an unhealthy helping of disinformation and agent provocateurs and you have people turning on each other and accusing this or that person or group of being illuminati shills or false prophets. Those that disdain the alternative media are not much better off with the mainstream news sources who are being exposed for their biased reporting that clearly represents their paymasters interests and is a pathetic attempt to prop up the crumbling status quo.

Therefore, it's more important than ever to step back from it all, breathe, ground yourself in nature and give thanks for our blessings, especially of family and those we love. In this way we can find a quiet space to listen to the guidance coming from our inner wisdom instead of listening to the voices outside of us that may be misguided, dishonest or intentionally misleading. We can learn to trust our own guidance system that tells us when a piece of information is true or not. We can learn discernment and realise we are free to take information from many different sources without feeling that we have to subscribe to any organisation, religious sect or belief system that will restrict us.

People like Teal Swan are not wiser than anyone else. In electing to become spiritual teachers they have not chosen to be one who imparts knowledge to others more ignorant than they but to be one who reminds us of what we have forgotten. This is why, when you hear something that is true you can feel your heart knows it to be so and even your body will seem to resonate with that truth.

To believe that a person cannot connect to God/Source himself and instead must go through an intermediary, such as a priest or a guru, he is handing his power over to that person or persons and affirming his belief in a hierarchy as well as his belief that he is inferior to those higher than himself in that hierarchical structure. This could not be further from the truth but nevertheless it has been used as a mechanism of control for possibly hundreds of thousands of years. For me this is the most important message in the video: that the Illuminati, or those who seek to control us, wish to keep us in ignorance of our own power. They want to keep us looking outside of ourselves for the answers to all of our questions. They don't want us to trust ourselves that we know what is best for us. And many do not know what is best because they haven't been used to listening to the quiet voice inside them, or their gut feelings or intuitions. But when they begin to do so they realise that they do know what is best, not for everyone, but for themselves and their children.

We are god. This is not blasphemy, This is truth. We are a each a part of the one creator that has chosen to experience itself as separate entities. We are creators and as such we hold the power. It is true that in our limited form we are not omnipotent, omniscient nor omnipresent (although there are those who claim to have knowledge of bilocation) but we do have access to higher knowledge and an inner wisdom that is beyond what we have been taught. This power to connect with God, with the God within, to our intuitive knowing, is what we have been made to forget and this is what we need to remember in order to become free. By gradually taking responsibility for ourselves, we are affirming our belief in our own power. We have forgotten who we are and we don't trust ourselves. Every day we hand our trust over to others who have abused that trust and every day the enormous extent of that abuse is being revealed.

Where I may part company with the new age movement, if I must call it that (I hate labels), is due to its persistent message that one should only focus on the positive. This would appear to be very good advice on the surface given the preponderance of negativity in all of its manifestations that exists in our world. But to me this is false because we are made up of darkness and light - yin and yang - positive and negative. That is who we are and we cannot ignore that part of ourselves that we consider negative. That part will not disappear because we ignore it. It is a part of us and it will only make itself more apparent to us if we try to pretend it doesn't exist. In my personal experience while I was studying the Abraham-Hicks material, I followed the direction to focus on the positive in order to attract positive experiences and people into my life. Abraham teaches us to be aware that focusing on negative beliefs would attract unwanted negative experiences and people into our lives. So I followed this advice for a couple of years and found that my life was better and I was attracting nicer experiences. But after a while, I felt that I hit a wall and progress stopped. Despite my efforts to focus positively, I had an underlying feeling of unease, that something wasn't right. I didn't feel a deep sense of contentment which I associate with true happiness, but only fleeting moments of joy which didn't last. I felt like I was faking it and became disillusioned with my practice. A piece of the puzzle was missing.

I have since come to realise that the reason I felt uneasy was because I was in effect abandoning a large part of myself. I know I cannot run away from those aspects of myself that I consider to be negative. They are a part of me and make me who I am. I have realised that my darkness is my strength. To become whole, I must integrate all the fragments of my consciousness and love them as I would love all of my children, unconditionally. Then I can stand in my power.