Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Alex Collier

I just found out about this guy last night, and listened to him then and during the early hours of this morning. He talks about a lot of things. He says he's had contact with ETs - the Andromedans. I don't know about that - I am open to believing in the possibility of that - but there's something genuine about him. What he says has the ring of truth for me at this stage. Maybe that will change. We'll see. The messengers, the message, both pass through the rational mind and into the gut brain - does it feel true? I trust my intuition and it's getting stronger every day. I have listened to a lot of these 'experiencers' as they're called: Laura Eisenhower, Andrew Basiago, Stuart Swerdlow, Randy Kramer, David Wilcock. They're interesting but not convincing. Benjamin Fulford just feels 'wrong'. I don't trust that guy. Simon Parkes? The jury's still out on him. Time will tell.

But Alex Collier feels real. I like what he's saying because it's exactly how I think. In essence, it's how I've been thinking for a long time.

Sorry honey