Wednesday, June 21, 2017


"Do all you can to prevent the turning of man against man, and do all that you can to reunite the brothers and sisters of the world."

Tuesday, June 20, 2017

I love listening to this lady. She makes so much sense to me. She speaks in such a down-to-earth way about the whole issue of starseeds or those that have awareness of their mission of service on the planet, the nature of reality and the fact that past, present and future are all one. I don't believe everything she says but a lot of it resonates. Mainly, it just makes me happy to listen to her.

She talks about the new physicists. The two names she mentions are Daniel Winter and Nassim Haramein.

Dan Winter

Friday, June 9, 2017

Critical mass

I discovered this channel a few months ago. I always use discernment listening to this type of information but I have found her channelings to reflect my own train of thought and some of the conclusions I have arrived at on my own which therefore gives this information credibility for me. It also gives guidance on what to do next in respect of the journey I have been on all my life but more consciously since 1991. One of the most important aims of this spiritual process is the opening to trust one's own intuition. For me, the knowing that something is truth for me is the feelings I get in my body when I consider the new thought or information I am focusing on.

In this video Magenta is channeling the reply to a question she asked regarding the focusing on fear and fear-based emotions and the possibility of "feeding the fear" and creating more. The beings she channels say that this is the case that focusing for a sustained duration on fear-based thoughts and emotions can produce situations that reflect this fear and allow them to be "acted out" in the physical world. I have always instinctively sensed this and I decided many years ago that I was far too sensitive to watch horror movies, even though my boyfriend wanted to watch them. I tried but I couldn't because I would be extremely affected by the energy frequency they emit and that was produced in me. I would have nightmares and feel very scared for days afterwards. Now, I choose not to watch anything violent on the TV and try to avoid violence in movies where possible. In fact, this need to avoid films that produce strong emotions has become more pronounced recently within the last few months. I don't really want to watch anything dramatic as I do not want to feel extreme sadness, grief, horror or disgust when the situation that produced them is not even real. I know what it feels like to go through real situations that produce those emotions and I do not wish to feel like that anymore. On the other hand, I can't watch the romantic films I used to love, nor can I watch the uplifting, spiritual movies I used to watch for inspiration. I don't enjoy watching things that only operate on the level of the emotions, I suppose, whether positive or negative. I want to watch or read things that bring me something meaningful.

The channelling puts forward the premise that focusing excessively on the negative, fear-based emotions feeds the demonic entities and focusing excessively on the positive love-based emotions feeds the angelic entities. They then go on to say that this is an overly simplified example of the polarization of this situation. They say that balance and integration is the key to a unified self and a unified society. They say that there is tendency to focus on the positive emotions and ignore the fear-based emotions but that this actually feeds the shadow side because we are made up of dark and light and both of those aspects of us have something of value to bring to us. When ignored and pushed down, the negativity grows larger and louder until it dominates our waking life and cannot be ignored any more. This, I think, is what they mean by focusing only on the positive resulting in fear. People use their addictions to hide from these emotions. Addictions can take any form, substances, compulsive behaviours, patterns of thinking. It's incredible what the mind will focus on in order to avoid doing the work of looking honestly at oneself! I am no exception to this rule and have had my own share of addictions to overcome.

They say that many people are going through the transcendence of the ego by the burying and ignoring of the shadow side. They say that in a sense this is a positive thing as it is momentum, moving forwards, which is better than stagnation, which has been the status quo for quite a while. They say while burying, ignoring and transcendence of ego and shadow is a negative move in relation to balance and integration, it is a positive move in relation to stagnation. (I agree with this statement as I hate it when nothing changes and I feel like I am stuck in a time loop.) They say mass momentum has created a shift even if it is out of balance. They say we moved into a high energetic state within the Western world yesterday and that his will last until the 21st June which is the summer solstice. They say this is a node point which represents critical mass for those who have not already awakened to the truth of who they are. This will create chaos, they say, as people will move into self-righteous anger fueled by confusion, helplessness, grief and fear. They say it is the lightworkers, light warriors, starseeds and wayshowers who will guide this momentum which is the intention of the "overseers" who are the group soul, higher self, source self, extraterrestrial, multi-dimensional aspects of us. The wise, divine aspect of us that is too great to be contained in our bodies at this lower, denser frequency but that we are able to integrate more fully each time there is another ascension wave of energy as there was last week and which are coming more and more frequently.

They go on to talk about the lightworker's mission which is to hold the energy, to guide and help others to awaken. Also to heal and to reassure. This is the work! It is an exciting time. What we've been working towards for many years, impatiently, trying to be patient! They talk about the Hundredth Monkey effect which, in case you don't know, was the observation made by a group of scientists that monkeys on a Japanese island started using a new skill that they had never used before and that when the number using the new skill reached a critical mass of one hundred monkeys, those on other islands separated by sea all started to use the skill, supporting the idea of a collective consciousness of a species. This theory is also supported by others' work such as Carl Jung and more recently, Rupert Sheldrake, with his theory of morphic fields.

If you're not familiar with this you might think it's weird but it's my truth

Speaking of addictions, this is probably the most common one. I have seen this in others and myself and this is why I hardly drink anything now. The Spiritual Consequences of Alcohol Consumption

I remember being very confused when I was about 16 or 17 which is when I had my first drinks of alcohol as to why everyone wanted to drink. It made me feel dizzy and ill and I noticed how stupid all the adults behaved around me after a few drinks. I had a friend who, every weekend, would buy a gallon of cider and then do his best to drink the whole thing before throwing up and falling unconscious. His father used to beat him so I guess he was trying to escape. Everyone I knew when I was growing up drank or took drugs. It was normal and it was expected that I would do it too. My intuition told me not to do it but I was naive, weak and didn't trust myself, so I followed the crowd. It took me many years to finally quit everything - smoking and drinking being the hardest as they are legal and therefore socially acceptable and ubiquitous. It makes me angry when I think of the time and energy I wasted but I have to believe there was a purpose for it. One good thing to come out of it is that my son doesn't drink or smoke and abhors both. People might think me puritanical but I don't care. I went to the other extreme but was lucky enough to make it back. Others I know have not been so lucky. I don't understand why people believe they need to drink in order to have a good time. Since giving up alcohol I have found that I laugh much more spontaneously and sometimes I make others laugh too because my wits are not dulled like they used to be. These days I am much happier whereas I used to be depressed all the time. I'm not usually so polarised in my view - everything in moderation - but I really can't see any positives in drinking any more. It makes people louder, more stupid and less able to listen. What's good about that?

I feel it important to add that some of the people I dearly love are drinkers.  As much as I wish they wouldn't, as I can see it isn't healthy for them, I have resolved not to judge them anymore. Since softening my judgmental attitude, my relationship with them has improved. They are in charge of their lives and their bodies and the best thing I can do for them if I love them is to trust that they know what is best for themselves. If I hold them in a vibration of love I will give them energy instead of taking it away from them. They will feel loved and accepted for who they are which they need to start the healing process. I know from my own experience that alcohol closes the heart chakra and that chronic drinkers suffer because the flow of love from self to others is blocked. More importantly they are unable to love themselves and all the heavy drinkers I have ever known have deep wounds from childhood and suffer from very low self-esteem. It makes me want to reach inside them and take their wounded child into my arms and tell him or her that I will never leave them and always love them. But I cannot do that. Only they can do it for themselves. All I can do is to be present for them.