Saturday, September 2, 2017

Your neptunian nature may not enjoy such analysis but my mercurial one loves it. Although I understand that this process doesn't happen on the level of the mind but of the heart.

"Vous, mes enfants, vous appartenez à Dieu et vous avez vaincu les faux prophètes. Voici pourquoi: l'Esprit de Dieu qui est en vous est plus puissant que l'ennemi du Christ qui est dans le monde."

Wednesday, August 23, 2017

Traversing the solar waves.

This is definitely a time to focus inwardly as I am being forced to by my body which won't allow me to do very much at the moment. I lament the lapse of my exercise regime which I'm still enthusiastic to make a permanent part of my life. I just don't have the energy and I am listening to my body as I know to push it too much will be counterproductive at the moment. I have found that if I try to resume my normal activities, I feel ill again with fever - hot and cold waves up and down my body, dizziness, headache and extreme fatigue. Emotionally I am also up and down. The day of the solar eclipse was the worst. I had an awful headache and neck ache and feelings of panic and inability to cope with any of the thoughts or feelings that were coming up. The only way to escape them was to sleep which I did as much as I could. Although difficult, I know all of this is good. I know I am purging negative emotions and thought patterns. I am wholly committed to this process because I want change! I have been so held back by limitations stemming from beliefs acquired and instilled in childhood and those inherited from parents and ancestors in the genes passed from generation to generation. Everyone is saying that this clearing allows us more space to bring in our higher selves. This means embodying the soul and living from soul consciousness. Full connection to our divinity and living from the heart. Discovering how my soul purpose is evolving and where my new passions lie. I have no set plans for the future except that I want to continue expanding to be the best that I can be and to find the gifts that I can contribute to making our planet a joyful place to live.

On the day of the solar eclipse, I managed to drag myself out of bed to the garage to take part in the global meditation at 11.11 Pacific time. I stood in mountain pose to ground the energy and I really felt it flowing through me and into the Earth. This gave me a some head space to do a little yoga before the meditation but my body was so stiff with the solar energy that was cleansing my emotional, etheric and physical bodies. I managed the recommended 15 minutes but then my mind was again crowded with thoughts, worries and painful memories, doubts and insecurities all talking over one another in an indecipherable chaos of sound. Too much to deal with so I went back to bed as the fever swept through my body for the thousandth time since this process began on the 8 August.

I know this is a time for meditating as much as possible and today I came across this meditation which was really powerful. I felt the cooling energy waves of golden white light as I visualised them and afterwards I felt quite a lot better. I think I will try another by the same author later or tomorrow.

Blessings xx.

The effect if solar activity on the human body

Monday, August 21, 2017

Magical times

I've been away somewhere magical, somewhere that is like a dream world. Somewhere that could be be in another time. Somewhere that is physically beautiful with majestic architecture respectfully restored and wild green nature gently tamed. A place of tranquility, of light, of space. A place where my mind and spirit can expand and my heart can heal. It is also a place of exalted energy which can be felt if one is open to it and evidence of this is seen with the wild animals that are drawn to visit, such as deer and wild boar. It is a place where my childhood dreams could come true and the pain of the past could be forgiven. It was there that I spent five wonderful days with the people I love most in the world until it was time to make the long journey home again.

From the moment I returned, I knew that everything was different. Everything still looked the same but felt different. But I knew it was me that was different. I have changed or, more precisely, I am changing. I am not the same person I was a little more than a week ago. Such a short time but it feels like I am becoming a new person. This process started some time ago but it feels like a major shift has just taken place. I am feeling it on so many levels. Mentally I am finding it hard to concentrate on anything that does not hold importance for me. Writing this feels important so I am able to focus, whereas reading or watching anything without being distracted halfway through seems impossible at the moment. But what is really interesting is that I seem to be living in the present moment and neither the past nor the future concern me like they always used to do so much. I feel freer and everything feels lighter. I still get angry sometimes, but it comes and goes quickly and then I am calm and happy again. I am not interested in maintaining that vibration - the one of anger - anymore. I am very aware of lower vibrational emotions now and they feel very uncomfortable. I want joy to be my principle vibration now.

I am not the only one is is aware that they are undergoing a major change. People are talking about the changes going on especially at the moment with the last lunar eclipse, the Lion's Gate on 8.8 and tomorrow's eclipse of the sun which can be seen from the United States. According to the information I have found tomorrow is a day to hold the vision of the Earth as free and sovereign. It is also a day to hold the highest vibration possible, aiming for joy, unity, peace, compassion, love and bliss.

Thursday, August 17, 2017

Quotes from Divine Architecture and the Starseed Template, by Magenta Pixie

"When an individual strives to make a 'higher connection', be it through meditation, prayer or whichever means is practised, this triggers new synapses within the brain and creates new pathways. The individual's intelligence quota is increased. The individual's overall frequency is raised (assuming this higher connection is made through a service-to-others, positive polarised vibration). The brain, indeed that which we call 'the bodymind', understands what is being asked of it and proceeds to 'move into action' if you will."