Tuesday, January 15, 2019

Monday, January 14, 2019

Q & A - Magenta Pixie and Dawn Holliday

It's so nice to get my own truth reflected back to me. It's nice because no one I know in my daily physical life is on the same frequency as me; a couple are similar but not the same. One  reason I don't socialise much these days because it's exhausting being with people when I have to act like someone I'm not and when I'm unable to express who I really am. But Magenta is and so is her friend, Dawn, who just said that she isn't worried about mobile phones being detrimental to her health. Just like me she feels she ought to be worried but she just isn't. Magenta explains then that it is to do with our rising frequency which simply means the radiation from mobile phones doesn't affect us so much. Dawn points out that it's also a question of free will. 

So much synchronicity! Magenta talks about this being the year of us grounding our sovereignty in the third dimension and Dawn likens it to alchemy and Carl Jung's individuation both of which I have been guided to study over the last few months!

I've also noticed telepathy increasing over the last two or three months, especially between my son and I, but also with others. Dawn says that the truthers and starseeds are finding each other now and Magenta agrees with her and so do I! I have had a few people sending me friend requests on Facebook and there seems to be more loving energy in the truther community. One girl sent me a friend request and we chatted on messenger. She told me she believed we are on the same vibration and I agree with her. It was so easy to talk to her because we both knew that we didn't need to censor what we said or explain ourselves to each other.

And I agree that it's going to be an awesome year!

Wednesday, January 2, 2019

The Dawn of the Free Energy Era

When I first learned about the law of attraction or, in other words, the process of creating with the mind and emotions, I realised that I didn't know what I wanted out of life. Being told that you create your own reality and that you can have any experience you want makes you sit down and think very hard about what you really want. It made me realise that I really had very little idea of what I wanted for myself other than the vague notion of wanting to be happy. But what would happy look like? 

In danger of making myself sound like some kind of altruistic martyr, which I'm really not, I can honestly say that, except for everyday material comforts and love of friends and family, I didn't really want anything for myself. For me, everything I did was by trial and error, and with such a lack of clarity I mostly ended up with the latter. But what I was clear about was wanting a better world to live in. I wanted to live in world of peace and love, where people treated each other with kindness and respect, where nobody needed to suffer from poverty or deprivation, and where cruelty and violence were unheard of. I have always been shocked and angry about the way the world is and I have never believed that it has to be this way.

The dream of a better world has never left me and over the years I have discovered many others who have a vision of how it might look and how it might be achieved. For those that have truly stopped to consider how a better world could be realized, many have concluded that our dependency on fossil fuels for heating, cooking and transportation is what keeps us like prisoners working the majority of our lives to pay for them. The realisation as I became an adult, that I would have to work almost every hour that God sent was an outrage to me. This might sound childish or arrogant but it is neither. The spirit that is me knows that this is wrong, unnatural and unnecessary. I know it deep down in every molecule and atom of my being. It is a heavy yoke like the one carried by oxen who still plough the fields in some parts of the world and, like the yoke, it must eventually be replaced by a more efficient method.

With regard to 9 to 5 work, I am like a horse that resists being tamed. I accept the bridle unwillingly and resentfully, not because I hate hard work but because I despise forced labour. Therefore when I first heard about free energy I was jubilant because I knew that this was the key to the next stage in our evolution and on a more personal level, this was vindication. Consequently, I have wanted to write about this topic for a long time but it didn't feel like the right time until now.

What inspired me to start was the following video about a tower that was seen by the reporters of Truthstream Media who drove past it while travelling in Texas. They noticed that the tower they saw looked remarkably like the Wardenclyffe Tower built by the scientist Nikola Tesla back in the early 1900s. Intrigued, they decided to find out what it was and the video describes how they discovered that the tower was owned by a company called Viziv Technologies.

In case you don't know the story, Nikola Tesla was a genius ahead of his time who had invented technology to create clean, free electrical energy and he built the tower with the intention of transmitting it wirelessly to the world's population. Unfortunately, once his financial backer, the banker J:P. Morgan, heard of his intention to provide free electricity to the world with no means of metering it for profit, he pulled his funding. He then went on to ruin Tesla's reputation ensuring that no one else would provide the funding needed and so the project was never completed.

In the video, the Truthstream Media journalists find out that the tower they saw from the road is indeed a "Tesla tower", which is soon to be used in experiments of wireless energy transmission using something called "zenneck surface waves". On the Viziv website the company claims that this technology can be used for telecommunications such as cellphones, radio, email, internet and so on but also to transmit power to remote locations, just like Tesla claimed his tower could.

The narrators go on to explain how Tesla's technology can be used for good or ill in that it has military applications in the form of microwave frequencies that can and have been used for mind control and other harmful practices. There is much information available on the internet about these applications and one interesting one is the theory that it has been used as a scalar energy weapon to destroy structures such as the World Trade Center towers on 11 September 2001. This theory was developed by the scientist Dr Judy Wood and promoted by her and Andrew Johnson and I've posted the link to her presentation below.

If you want to know more about the history of free energy, I have posted a link to Andrew Johnson's well-researched presentation in which he goes through the most important free energy technologies and why he believes them to be credible. He also goes into the way they have been suppressed which is through the way patents are monitored. Basically, the conclusion is that if you have a viable free energy technology you must accept the fact that you cannot patent it or it will be seized by the authorities under the pretext of it being "a threat to national security". The only way to get it out into the public arena is to distribute it underground, perhaps in the form of open source blueprints on the internet allowing those with the know-how the chance to replicate it themselves. In that respect it will have to be a gift to the world because it will be impossible to keep it as a proprietary invention with sole ownership rights and therefore any hope of monetary gain must be abandoned.

This is a huge subject and to try to sum it up in this little article would be, to quote Andrew Johnson, like trying to drink from a fire hose. My main intention was to inform on the existence of this new Tesla tower which signals that the release of advanced energy technologies is, I believe, imminent. As I said at the beginning of this article, I am creating the future with my mind and I want a future where people do not have to labour night and day to heat their homes, cook meals for their families and put fuel in their cars.

I see a world where the economy we have now that is destroying the planet through overconsumption and the plundering of natural resources no longer exists. With free energy our way of life will be completely transformed. People will no longer have to work so many hours because they won't have to pay for energy or fuel which in most cases represents a good percentage of their monthly outgoings. Then the products and services they pay for will naturally go down in price for the same reason that the manufacturers' or companies' overheads will be drastically reduced. In turn taxes will have to be reduced and any tax on the technologies themselves will be unjustifiable. Transportation costs will be slashed as fossil fuels are replaced by clean, free energy. The petroleum industries and all those associated with them will be out of business but those who work in these will find other ways to keep busy. I see the whole world exhaling in a massive sigh of relief as prices fall and the pressure is taken off people having to work frantically to earn more and more profits every year. This is just in the beginning. As people have more time to themselves they will become more creative and find solutions to the problems we have now or simply have more time for relationships, extending a helping hand to those in need and improving their lives and those of others.

I'm sure you could add to my list above. It only requires a little bit of imagination.

Happy new year! 

Above Majestic (with Spanish subtitles) at 1:45min "Suppressed Technology" - Trump's uncle seized Tesla's papers after his death.
Fire from Water - cold fusion documentary
Infinite Energy, but not for the masses - Andrew Johnson
Dr Judy Wood - Where did the towers go?

Sunday, December 9, 2018

The Kybalion

In my quest to uncover the mysteries, I recently read this book which is said to be the interpretation of the teachings of Hermes Trismegistus. It describes seven principles that govern the universe and claims to be the source of much alchemical wisdom. I have been aware of the book for a while but did not feel inclined to read it until recently. In many respects, the information contained in it I have already come across elsewhere or intuited it for myself, such as the Law of Rhythm, which speaks of the inflow and outflow, the swing of the pendulum, the growth and decay of the seasons, the rise and fall of civilisations. This I felt for myself once, as I lay on the shore and surrendered to the gentle caress of the waves as they came and went.

In my mind's eye I have seen the Source, a light so bright, but so gentle, from which everything explodes outwards and then withdraws back into itself to repeat once more and over and over in a pulsating rhythm. This leads me to something I read in this book that was completely new for me. I have never heard it explained in this way until finding this book: that all of creation comes from the mind of the All.

The writers of the Kybalion refer to what many religious people call God as the ALL. The All, whose inner nature is unknowable. According to the writers, hermetic masters say The All is all there is, that there can be nothing outside of it, that it is infinite, immutable, absolute. They conclude that the All is Infinite Living Mind as compared to the finite living mind of man. That which the illumined souls call "spirit" which transcends our understanding.

When considering the nature of the universe the authors say that some philosophers declare that the All created the universe from Itself, from the being and substance of The All. But they say that this is impossible because the All cannot be subtracted from, nor divided, and if this were the case each particle would be aware of its being the All and that the All could not lose its knowledge of itself.

The authors say,

"The All could not lose its knowledge of itself, nor actually become an atom, or blind force, or lowly living thing. Some men, indeed, realizing that the All is indeed ALL, and also recognizing that they, the men, existed, have jumped to the conclusion that they and the All were identical, and they have filled the air with shouts of "I AM GOD," to the amusement of the multitude and the sorrow of sages."

They explain the mystery by turning to the Principle of Correspondence, that of "As above so below, as below so above". When considering how man creates, they consider that he creates with his hands from outside materials, by procreation, and finally with his mind. This third one they conclude is the way in which the All creates because it requires no outside materials, of which there are none because the All is All there is. It requires no division or reproduction of itself which they declare to be impossible. Therefore the All must create mentally and that all the universes are a creation of its mind. Therefore, All is mind.

This was a shock to me for I was one of those silly men who believed themselves to be a part of God. In all of my searching and reading, the only explanation for where I had come from that made any sense to me was the one that said I was a spark of divinity, a tiny piece of God, that lived a temporary existence inside this fleshy body until it wore out. I was God seeing its existence through the senses of the person it had chosen to be in this life. I was one of an infinite number of beings that allows God to experience itself as a separate entity. To imagine that I am nothing but a figment of God's imagination is somewhat disconcerting. It requires some contemplation before I can accept or reject this new perspective.

But perhaps I am worrying about nothing. Does it really make any difference if I am an actual piece of God, or one of its mental creations? What is God made of anyway? What is real? Is God more substantial than the product of its mind? The Kybalion concludes that the All is substance, but how can there be any certainty of that and what does that actually mean?

Since all matter and substance that we know of is composed of protons and electrons and particles that become waves and, if we are to believe the authors of the Kybalion, this substance that physics is working so hard to explain is nothing but the fantastic daydream of an infinite mind, that would explain the mutability, the impermanence of all things in our world. This is incredible and has opened up this finite mind of mine to new realms of thought and possibility.

In my reluctance to believe this new interpretation of reality, I would argue that if I were nothing but an imagining of God, how would I then be able to create from my mind? How could I use free will to make decisions about what I would like to manifest if I have no will of my own? Am I just channeling the will of God every time I make a decision? The Kybalion teaches us the Principles and laws of our world so that we might become more conscious creators. How can we be such masters of our reality if we have no power of our own? These are all questions that I can see are going to take me in new directions.

Now I feel a little bit like Rachel in Blade Runner.

"The Infinite Mind of The ALL is the womb of Universes." The Kybalion.

3, 6 & 9

Despite the fact that we are taught that science, religion and philosophy are separate subjects, in truth there is no separation. They are just different interpretations of the same thing and there is truth in all of them. Mathematics is no exception, and this elegant theory shows a way for those of us who are not gifted in this discipline to see the beauty of numbers.