Monday, August 10, 2015

One more step towards disclosure

I have chosen to put this video up today not because of what Dave Schmidt says (this being the first time I have listened to him) but because of the clip he has added which starts at the 16 minute mark. This clip is taken from a series of interviews conducted by David Wilcock with a man called Corey Goode, who claims he is a whistleblower from the Secret Space Program. The first two interviews are available free of charge at Gaiam TV with subtitles in English, Spanish and a couple more languages (link below).

In this clip, which is taken from the first interview (from about the 28 minute mark), Corey Goode is explaining that our planet, along with the rest of our solar system, is entering a part of the galaxy (which some over the years have called the photon belt) and that this area is one of extremely high energy that would have some serious consequences for our minds, emotions and behaviour if it were not for the fact that we were being shielded from the full effect of this energy by the intervention of benevolent ET (extra-terrestrial) races who are diffusing the energy by the use of giant spheres out in space. The most important part of the message from these ETs is that we can manage the effects of this energy, which is causing us to evolve as it raises our vibratory rate, by staying loving and forgiving of ourselves and others, a path that Corey agrees is not an easy one to walk.

But one of the main reasons I have posted this video is that Corey also explains something very important. This is that our mass consciousness has been used by "the powers that be" to enslave us. He says that they fully understand the power of our consciousness to create and they use it to create outcomes that they want. They do this by planting seeds in our mass consciousness through the use of the media, and then by creating false flags, such as the attack on the World Trade centre, which causes a huge outpouring of negative emotion, horror, outrage, anger, hatred and so on, which they steer by the use of a narrative (e.g.the War on Terror) to focus and direct that creative force towards a series of pre-planned objectives such as the wars in the Middle East. They harness the enormous creative force of our mass consciousness to manifest events on the physical plane. This is why it's so important to try to awaken the masses to the fact that these events are manufactured psyops (psychological operations) so that people are not manipulated into using their consciousness to bring about the outcomes these elites want, whether that be a financial collapse or a world war. Obviously, it will help if people simply switch off their TVs and/or don't get manipulated into having an emotional response by news stories.

It's also important not to feel frightened about this: 1. because they've been manipulating us for a very long time (thousands of years) and 2. because their fun is coming to an end. Why? Quite simply the reason is that we, the human race, have had enough. Enough of being their slaves and playthings and enough of us have asked for change and change is happening. We are getting help from Source (God, the Great Spirit, the Prime Mover) and we are getting help from benevolent, highly evolved ET races. They cannot do anything unless we ask because they observe the universal laws, one of which is our free will. And, wisely, they also know that we must bring about the changes for ourselves as this is a fundamental part of our evolution, just as a wise mother or father knows that if he or she allows their child to tie his own shoelaces he will learn to do it for himself. They also know that they cannot impose a reality upon us and that we must create a new one for ourselves, but they will give us their help when we ask them for it.

Later in the interview, David Wilcock mentions that we have the genetics of 22 civilisations in our DNA and asks what effect this has. Corey says that due to the tinkering with our DNA and our light bodies by ET races (some benevolent and some hostile), we have a wide spectrum of emotions, much wider than other races, and that we are currently unable to control those emotions. We have a much stronger reaction to things which David Wilcock points out could be a tremendous weakness. But Corey says it will be a great thing once we manage to control them because our emotions are like an activator for our consciousness. He says the emotions and the consciousness work hand in hand and that once we are no longer being manipulated and we learn to manage our emotions and our consciousness, we will have a very powerful co-creative tool with which to create a wonderful new world.

For context and to understand who Corey Goode is, I recommend watching both free interviews at the link below.

Monday, August 3, 2015

Jacque Fresco of The Venus Project

I love to listen to people who are in the latter part of their lives talking about their experiences and memories. Jacque Fresco has had a particularly fascinating life and that is in no small part due to his unusual and exceptional character. Some would consider him a genius. I believe I will most likely have joined their ranks by the time I have finished exploring his life's work.