Tuesday, November 24, 2020


I'm such a control freak (Pluto conjunct the ascendant). I really need to learn to let go and surrender to the moment. 

I'm letting go and I'm going with the flow. Feels good :) 

Big planetary conjunction coming up 

La primera conjunción desde hace 800 años... 

I love and I am loved. I love humanity. Humanity is free and sovereign.

Thursday, November 5, 2020

The Light Wins!


Along with all the other spiritual guides I like such as Magenta Pixie and Sacha Stone, I started listening to this lady whose energy just feels amazing! I did one of her meditations and I felt really connected and grounded. My heart opened and I sent love and golden light to the rest of the planet. Lorie is really down to Earth and for me she just gets straight to the point and gives me information that is totally where I am at mentally, emotionally and spiritually. She is sweet and loving, strong, positive and reassuring. I love this woman!

She reflects my renewed positivity and confirms what I have been feeling just lately that this is it and, despite all my worries, we are on our way to a new paradigm, a new Earth! I have felt so much doubt and despair over these last few months. So many times I have felt like I didn't want to be here any more. It all felt so intense and negative and I've been so angry and frustrated by many people's willing compliance with what to me was so obviously a manufactured crisis. I tried so hard not to fall into fear but it was palpable in the collective consciousness and impossible to ignore. I refused to look at mainstream media as I could literally feel the panic they were spreading and the evil intent behind it. I did all I could to try and wake people up but most were caught in the spell cast by the dark controllers and couldn't believe what I was trying to tell them. 

I understand that so many couldn't face the implications of what myself and many others who are awake were trying to tell them. It is very scary to realise that everything you believed was real is a lie, that the people who run your country are literally thieves and murderers and, if the full truth be told, evil demons who want to control and enslave us and use us like cattle. The story I was trying to tell them I know must have seemed even more frightening than the one they were being told by their governments. But the difference between my horror story and the covid-1984 lie, is that mine has a happy ending, whereas the other does not, and all they need to do is face their fears and they will dissipate. Once we get present, stop thought by counting our breaths, and sit with the feelings that are running through our bodies, ask for help from Source-God and our guides, and know that we are loved and supported, we can release the fear and visualise its dark smokiness transforming to sparkly fairy dust! 

When we realise that we are not alone and that there are so many of us that want an end to the nightmare, not only of the virus, lockdowns and masks, but of the system of control that has kept us in poverty and misery for so many hundreds of years, we can face anything. We are all together in this and our unity is our strength. There are so many moments when we can get pulled down the path of division, of blaming this or that type of person for what is happening, but the moment we realise we can pull ourselves back onto the path of unity and solidarity, because divide and rule is how the controllers dominated us for thousands of years but now we see through it.

I know that people are afraid because they believe that without our governments we will have chaos but we can have governance that is benevolent instead of malevolent. So how do we get it? We demand it, we insist on it and we do not accept anything less than that. We must pay attention and not take our eye off the ball. We must participate in the new society and contribute to it in whatever way we can, big or small, because every contribution is of value. We can listen to others and we can offer our ideas, our time and our energy to create new systems that support human beings and enable them to be the best that they can be. 

Lorie speaks of the crumbling of the old systems and structures of government that we have lived under for thousands of years. She says the light will show us the darkness and corruption that has underpinned these systems and that they are being dismantled. She says we cannot go back to the way we were before and that the light is pulling us towards higher consciousness. She says her guides are telling her that the light wins!   

I resonate so much with what she says about how we must feel into what feels like light and and what feels like dark. I know that this ascension process is more about feeling than thinking. We are living and creating our new reality from the heart and that means we do not rely on the mind to tell us the truth. The mind is easily tricked and manipulated into believing something and the controllers have known this and developed elaborate methods of mind control such as NLP, subliminal messaging, repetition, trauma-based mind control and many others that I know nothing about. But I don't need to know about them because all I need to know is how to listen to my heart to know what the truth is. All I have to do is ask myself does it feel harmonious or does it feel discordant? Does it feel expansive or does it feel constrictive? 

Lorie says her guides asked her to think about where her energy is being pulled because there are so many different storylines and narratives. They ask her if she wants to be pulled there and she says that she doesn't. So she asks us to think about where our energy is being pulled and to ask ourselves if that's where we want to focus our energy and to try to focus on the highest timeline. She says for us to trust that the light wins no matter what it looks like out there, and to have love, compassion and empathy for everyone as we go through this transition.