Monday, August 21, 2017

Magical times

I've been away somewhere magical, somewhere that is like a dream world. Somewhere that could be be in another time. Somewhere that is physically beautiful with majestic architecture respectfully restored and wild green nature gently tamed. A place of tranquility, of light, of space. A place where my mind and spirit can expand and my heart can heal. It is also a place of exalted energy which can be felt if one is open to it and evidence of this is seen with the wild animals that are drawn to visit, such as deer and wild boar. It is a place where my childhood dreams could come true and the pain of the past could be forgiven. It was there that I spent five wonderful days with the people I love most in the world until it was time to make the long journey home again.

From the moment I returned, I knew that everything was different. Everything still looked the same but felt different. But I knew it was me that was different. I have changed or, more precisely, I am changing. I am not the same person I was a little more than a week ago. Such a short time but it feels like I am becoming a new person. This process started some time ago but it feels like a major shift has just taken place. I am feeling it on so many levels. Mentally I am finding it hard to concentrate on anything that does not hold importance for me. Writing this feels important so I am able to focus, whereas reading or watching anything without being distracted halfway through seems impossible at the moment. But what is really interesting is that I seem to be living in the present moment and neither the past nor the future concern me like they always used to do so much. I feel freer and everything feels lighter. I still get angry sometimes, but it comes and goes quickly and then I am calm and happy again. I am not interested in maintaining that vibration - the one of anger - anymore. I am very aware of lower vibrational emotions now and they feel very uncomfortable. I want joy to be my principle vibration now.

I am not the only one is is aware that they are undergoing a major change. People are talking about the changes going on especially at the moment with the last lunar eclipse, the Lion's Gate on 8.8 and tomorrow's eclipse of the sun which can be seen from the United States. According to the information I have found tomorrow is a day to hold the vision of the Earth as free and sovereign. It is also a day to hold the highest vibration possible, aiming for joy, unity, peace, compassion, love and bliss.

Thursday, August 17, 2017

Quotes from Divine Architecture and the Starseed Template, by Magenta Pixie

"When an individual strives to make a 'higher connection', be it through meditation, prayer or whichever means is practised, this triggers new synapses within the brain and creates new pathways. The individual's intelligence quota is increased. The individual's overall frequency is raised (assuming this higher connection is made through a service-to-others, positive polarised vibration). The brain, indeed that which we call 'the bodymind', understands what is being asked of it and proceeds to 'move into action' if you will."

Monday, August 7, 2017

The Emerald Gateway - a global starseed initiation

The Emerald Gateway is now open...

A highly auspicious time for starseeds, lightworkers and awakened souls. A grand opportunity for accelerated ascension and - as Sandra Walter calls it, using gamer's language - to "level up"!

Many are talking about this time as being particularly special due to the annual Lion's Gate 8-8-8 portal but also the full moon lunar eclipse taking place today and the solar eclipse on 21 August. The Lion's Gate takes place on the eighth day of the eighth month in the eighth sign of the zodiac which is Leo. Leo governs the heart and is ruled by the Sun in astrology. The Lion's gateway opens when the Earth aligns with the Galactic Centre at 27 degrees Sagittarius. It is said to be open now with its peak on 8 August.

Some of the lightworkers that are drawn to do so have been repairing the crystalline grid of the planet by going to sacred sites and leaving crystals and doing meditations to bring light to the place and dispel dark energies. In the video, Magenta channels her guides who refer to these lightworkers as knowing but not knowing, meaning that they know what they need to do but not why. A friend of mine has been visiting a friend in Madrid who is a member of the Order of the White Rose who carry out this kind of work, see link below.

Some of the important information in the video:

The Emerald Green Ray, the Divine Feminine, has been pouring into the planet since 2008 and more intensely since 2011. The galactic gateway is expanding to allow an abundant influx of the feminine energy. Codes within the emerald ray assist in supporting the sacred masculine magenta ray. The two - the pink and the green - are the masculine and feminine streams of the heart also referred to as the matter and the antimatter - matter being masculine and antimatter being feminine. The merge between these rays creates the divine marriage or the alchemical merge and also known as the trinity as when the male and female merge in the divine marriage they create between them the child. This can manifest in 3D as actual child or creativity. Speaking of energetic frequency rather than 3D manifestation, the masculine energy and the feminine energy move together, crush together or merge together in order to create. Clairvoyantly and through remote viewing technologies this looks like the waves of the sea and can be either a stormy sea or a calm sea depending on the manifestation being created. This is the act of creation when looking at the masculine as the matter and the feminine as the antimatter. The matter is the masculine energy and the magenta ray and the antimatter is the feminine and the emerald ray.When matter and antimatter merge you have a new creation, a third energy creating the trinity. Within the universal and cosmic frequencies or particles and antiparticles, there is a joining, a simultaneous flow between matter and no matter. This mathematically cancels one another out and you then have a universal fabric that consists of neither matter nor antimatter yet simultaneously matter and antimatter. This is the third frequency. This is the moment where space-time and time-space switch places or merge together. This is the divine trinity or sacred trine and this is also known to you as zero point. The seed point for this most natural act of creation burst forth into your third dimensional reality within your year of 2012, with the culmination point being the 21st December, the solstice. In your current year of 2017 the manifestations of those planted seeds are coming to fruition and the gateways open during your July 21st to August 27th Emerald Gateway through the Lion's Gate and the eclipse.

They talk about the corn circle that appeared in Wiltshire, England in July. They say it depicts the 5th dimensional merkaba and the Lion's gate. They also talk about corn circles feeling personal and I understand this as I immediately loved the corn circle they are talking about, enough to upload  the photo to one of my social media profiles. Here it is:

"What is zero point? It is unlimited creative potential. It is the blueprint for all and everything and when you know this and create this, you create worlds. Your open hearts en masse at this time create the frequency of the bliss-charged love. Your open hearts joined together are that which deactivates service-to-self technologies. Your open hearts joined together create the crop circles that are direct manifestations of the DNA patterning you now hold. Your open hearts create the morphogenetic fields that are the seed templates for the archetypes from the grid: angels, ascended masters and rainbow beings of light. It is you, dear starseeds. It was you all along. Your power together as one united knows no bounds. Stand together polarised service to others team of light. No matter your difference of opinions. No matter if you are truther, new age lightworker, religious follower or scientific researcher. You amongst these groups have allowed yourselves to be infiltrated and thus separated, pitting you against your brothers and sisters. Stand strong as a united team. Put your differences aside and look to your similarities which are without doubt. Your similarities are fixed, unified and cannot be broken apart for they are all resonating in the positively polarised service-to-others field. They are sovereignty, liberty, independence and justice for the whole planet and beyond. These are the Gaia grids. They are your open hearts and the bliss spin from the DNA fields. They create the weather, the natural forces, the dark matter, the gravity and the particle spin. For the atom and the heart of man are but one. We repeat: the atom and the heart of man are but one. Open your heart children of Gaia as you bring online the memories within the celestial, solar and galactic points of awareness and reconstruct the 12-strand DNA template, also known as the 12-dimensional gateway. The opening of the Emerald Gateway is the seed point into the 12-dimensional gateway, also known to many as ascension. This is an uplifting experience, a raise in frequency, potential, emotion and creativity but most importantly memory. It is a reconstruction of source memory, moving you into the multidimensional and multilocational, creating a stream or portal into that which we may call the Halls of Amenti. A clear path into these halls brings you into the perspective of the omnipotent, omnipresent self. The God-self, fully actualised being. The Emerald Gateway into the Lion's Gate and the August eclipse of 2017 is the seed point moment of the accessing of the Halls of Amenti and the direct accessing of all you know as God or Source, through the memory fields afforded you through the crystalline DNA template reconstruction. You are the architects of your reality and now with the abundant influx of the Emerald codes, the antimatter grid, you create the zero point field, embrace the cosmic trine and realise your true potential en masse." 

Stay in the heart. With love.

Jumping timelines - I cannot tolerate looking at the news or alternative news it all feels too heavy now, the emotions this information elicits which is basically fear; low-vibrational fear-based emotions, anger etc. I've moved past that now.

Sunday, August 6, 2017

Bruce Lipton: The Paradigm Shift

A really great interview with Bruce Lipton, biologist and pioneer of epigenetics and author of The Biology of Belief. He explains how we're in the middle of the sixth great extinction and how we need to use this crisis to evolve. Just like another of the great thinkers of our time, Peter Joseph, founder of the Zeitgeist Movement, has said, it is the obsolete economic system that has to go as it is destroying the biological support systems of the planet.

He talks about the fact that we are undergoing an evolution in consciousness and like Peter Joseph he emphasises that the key to our survival as a species is to abandon the outdated Darwinian strategy of survival of the fittest and replace it with one of cooperation and collaboration with the understanding that we are all one organism, to use biological terminology.

One lovely part is where he says that Donald Trump is doing a wonderful job, but not the job he thinks he's doing! Lipton says that Donald Trump's job is to destroy the system because the system is the problem. He says he hates to see some of the things that Trump is destroying such as the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA). I disagree because the research I have done into that agency has shown it to be corrupt just like the FDA and the CDC (Centers for Disease Control) all of which have revolving doors to industry. This corruption is reflected to a greater or lesser degree in the governments and agencies of other countries. Just like Joseph, Lipton says that the current system cannot be fixed. He says that the way it is structured means that it cannot create anything sustainable.