Tuesday, November 23, 2021

Making the choice

 Magenta - I have worked so hard at my spiritual ascension and come so far but being in Australia it is harder and harder to remain juice free.  We really are being pushed up against the wall.  The government is beyond ridiculous and using our children as pawns in their game.  People are moving all over the state trying to avoid the mandates but it is catching up with everyone.  People are seeking asylum overseas but we have to ask permission to leave.  Camps, talks of army op to vax people etc... it’s getting to a point to protect our children through this we are having to make that hard choice.  Remaining unjuiced is almost impossible now, the pressure is intense and exhausting.

*unjuiced - not injected with toxic gene-editing substances

My reply (Magenta) - It will become harder and harder to remain juice free everywhere. The pressure is/will be intense, relentless and exhausting. This is the agenda globally and always has been. I said this right at the beginning of 2020 so people would be prepared. 

Sovereignty through the indigo frequency must be attained. This is the energy of being prepared to give up everything in order to survive within the physical and go through ascension which is the true life. (This doesn't mean you literally have to give up everything or anything - only be prepared to.)  

When you know this there is no pressure. The choice has been made.