Saturday, February 27, 2016

Follow your heart

Why do people think they need a guru and/or a dogma to follow? Today I'm talking about Ashayana Deane and her Keylontic science dogma which has people with more money than sense running from the United States and elsewhere in search of knowledge that will give them the keys to higher wisdom and promises to help them unlock their hidden potential of magical powers. I'm referring to Ashayana Deane and her cult following now but I have seen so many of these overly-complicated, falsely arcane systems of initiation that require large investment of time and money over the years and they all smell bad, if you get my meaning. My intuition shouts no, no, no.  The sensation is heavy in my lower chakras and on a psychic level the image is of being trapped in a dead-end street. Certainly it is not the feeling of expansion, joy and feedom that genuine truth and knowledge gifts me with when I come across it unexpectedly, which happens less frequently these days possibly because I have plateaued and the next stage requires more searching. Searching outwardly or within? The second one is a lot harder as going within and being confronted with the demons we harbour inside of us requires more courage, humility and compassion for ourselves than spending a few hours on the internet taking a mystery tour through it's magical pages. My own journey has taught me that the inward journey is the key to the outward manifestation as, once something shifts inside me and I have a realisation of some truth, the outer exploration yields a golden-lit pathway through the forest of words, images and ideas that make up our human history.

See Kerry Cassidy's interiew with Ayshayana Deane below. There are several parts but I couldn't watch all of it. The first 30 minutes were enough. It doesn't help that Ashayana keeps laughing as though she can't believe that Kerry is following what she is saying. In my experience this behaviour is one of the signs that someone is lying to you. If it had been me I think I would have found her sniggering very irritating. My respect for Kerry Cassidy took a knock after watching this but I think Kerry keeps it to herself what she really thinks of her interiewees. As a little disclaimer, I am not saying that nothing she says is true but people like her mix truth with lies which is how they draw in their victims.