Saturday, May 13, 2023

Cancel Culture (Facebook post)

After being told I can no longer be considered as family by my cousin and blocked, I feel I need to say a few things about the way I use my Facebook account.

She said that it was because I disagreed with her beliefs about the trans issue, specifically that what I am "doing is increasing a stigma on anyone trying to be themselves who doesn’t fit your idea of how they should be". She has in fact twisted 180 degrees what I actually said which is that I object to those who are pushing the trans agenda and trying to force THEIR ideology on the rest of us, despite the fact that trans people represent a minority. In this they are being given full backing by governments and the media, who are legislating, propagandising and even indoctrinating innocent little children in schools, who barely know what day it is, let alone the massive implications of choosing what sex they want to be for the rest of their lives.

This whole agenda is being pushed by the same forces that are trying to quietly nudge us into a digital ID and central bank digital currency which, if they are successful, will mean the literal loss of our freedom as they will control our lives at the minutest level and will dictate where and on what we can spend our money. If they decide your carbon footprint doesn't allow you to buy meat, you won't be able to. If they don't want you to travel, you won't be able to because your credit card (or chip) won't work when you try to buy a ticket.

These people are pushing the trans agenda because it contributes to the destruction of the traditional family resulting in fewer natural births and is another tool towards the achievement of their goal of reducing the global population. Why else would they be pushing it so hard on the rest of us? Think about it. Do you honestly think these people have our best interests at heart?

My cousin said I should get a life basically and "stop spreading hate". But if she would bother to stop and think about it hate is not what I am spreading. I am trying to spread information that may not reach those who only listen to, read or watch mainstream sources of media which are controlled by the very same forces pushing the trans/digital ID agenda. Unless they look further and start questioning, they will be ignorant of what is really happening in the world and the prison that is being erected around us all.

It is true the information I am posting is almost entirely negative. I am very aware of that and I wish it wasn't the case. I would love to float around in a bubble like everyone else does and pretend that if I just think positively and "spread the love" everything will be okay. But what our governments did to us during the 'pandemic' (which I don't believe was a pandemic but a brilliantly planned and executed cull and power grab) has proved that they will go to extreme measures to bring about their vision for the future.

I agree it is important to connect with friends and family and share the love that is so intrinsic to our human nature, but I don't think it is in our interests to 'go along to get along'. That's what people did in Nazi Germany and look where that ended up. This is not the time to be weak and compliant. This is the time to stand up and speak our truth, to shout NO at tyrannical governments and unelected institutions (EU, WHO, WEF, UN, NATO, IMF, CFR etc), claim our sovereignty and choose the future WE want for ourselves and our children.

Doubtless, someone will disagree with what I have said or label me a 'conspiracy theorist' (those people especially need to look outside the mainstream) but I never said I have all the answers. That's why we need to talk and listen to each other. I'm happy for anyone to comment and dialogue with me as long as they're civil and don't block me the minute they don't like what I'm saying.