Thursday, June 13, 2019

Rising frequencies

This is not my work but this is what I believe is happening to our planet and to us.

"The Raising of Energetic Frequencies in and around your Planet Earth Gaia ~ The Council of Angels via Goldenlight

Good afternoon, we are The Council of Angels and Archangel Michael and we wish to speak to you today of the increasing of the vibrational frequencies that is occurring in and around your planet Earth/Mother Gaia.

This high frequency energy comes from the Galactic Central Sun, as well as the photon belt of the galaxy that your planet is moving through at this point in your timeline of “Now” time. The evolution of Mother Earth and the beings upon her is now rapidly increasing in tandem with the increasing of the high vibrational energy inside and around your planet. This high frequency energy is the catalyst for the ascension of your planet herself – for your planet, remember, is a sentient being – as well as for the beings living upon your planet.

Any being that is not in alignment or harmony with this energetic frequency will continue to have a very difficult time existing upon your planet and will, at some point, as your planet continues to intersect more frequently and more permanently with the higher timelines, either turn towards the light or cease to vibrate to the energy of your planet and therefore will no longer exist in your reality.

These energies are only increasing in vibrational frequency, and they will continue to do so in your now time. Remember there is no time in the higher dimensions, and as we can see it from our perspective (as we live outside of time), we can already see that your planet and all of the beings upon it has ascended and has already entered into the Golden Age Upon New Earth.

This planet Earth in this Golden Age does exist in Now time, as all time is simultaneous and the creation of time is actually a creation of the beings upon earth created as a way of controlling the population and cutting them off from Source energy which is the energy of everything. This energy is the life force that animates all beings, even those of the dark. The beings of the dark have simply cut themselves off by self will from the original Creator Source. They will eventually return to Source. Those that are on planet earth who have a cut themselves off from Source energy and turned towards the dark will have to either raise their frequency to harmonize with these higher dimensional frequencies or they will no longer be able to survive here.

This is part of the cause of the chaos which is now happening upon your planet – these higher energetic frequencies are causing people to fall out of sync with their formerly known lower dimensional lives. Some will begin to harmonize with these higher dimensional frequencies, which are frequencies of higher love light unity joy bliss and service to others. Those who cannot harmonize with these dimensions will continue to have a difficult time on your planet. Others of the light who are harmonizing with these energies will continue to raise their vibrational frequency towards ascension, and are the at the forefront of the creation of the New Earth, which is a collective creation.

All that is of the dark agenda – the chemtrails the vaccines the poisons nuclear energy the GMOs, etc. – will eventually fade into nothingness as they will no longer be able to exist on, in, or around your planet because they will not be of the same frequency as the high frequency energy which is now lovingly encapsulating your planet.

This ascension of your planet and the beings on it has been planned for eons and is part of the upgrade of the entire galaxy and universe and multiverse of which your planet is a part. Yours is not the sole planet in the multiverse and you are not the only beings in the universe. There are many other planets and galaxies and universes with many other beings upon them and inside them… with most living inside them. As we have discussed in other messages, your planet, which has at one point in time been a higher dimensional planet, was downgraded and the beings upon it were downgraded. Many beings from higher dimensional societies, such as the transcriber of this message Goldenlight, are what is termed as starseeds and have specifically come to this planet to assist in its ascension. They are not native to this planet and often struggle to be here due to the unfamiliarity of the lower vibrational third dimension which you are now rapidly rising out of.

In fact many beings up on this planet are starseeds and they are not aware of it. As the starseeds begin to awaken they will also begin to contribute to this new higher dimensional society – a collective society of higher dimensional truths and energies such as love, service to others, etc.

The high frequency energies which have been reaching crescendos at certain points in your timelines are now in fact increasing to an even higher frequency rate… this is bringing your energetic frequency up towards the fourth dimension and fifth dimensions… Picture an energetic frequency field that continues to raise in vibrational frequency, which then begins to intersect with the upper 4th and lower 5th dimensions…. this is what is occurring around your planet… this is also what is occurring inside of your bodies and your consciousness. Many are not even aware of this but it is indeed happening… the light forces upon your planet are aware of this and embracing the concepts of unity consciousness… this unity consciousness cares about the well-being of the All. Those of the dark agenda are counteracting this energy; however, this energy is so strong that it will supersede all dark energy acting against it… it will simply wash it away… a lot like a large tidal wave which washes away everything in its path… except it will contain the energy of creation and not of destruction.

The energy of creation will begin to supersede all energies of destruction on and within your planet. There are many of the higher dimensions including the Galactics, the Archangels and the Ascended Masters who are assisting in this process of stabilizing the energy around your earth. If your planet Earth were to be totally destroyed, it would negatively affect the entire galaxy, universe, and  multiverse. We of the higher dimensions who embrace this unity consciousness care about your planet… we care about all of you on your planet, and our loving intentional energy is assisting your planet at this time.

Those of you who are reading this message are either in the process of awakening or already undergoing awakening, and you can help. The way that you can help is to continue to tune in to your higher self and the higher dimensions, to continue to tune into Source energy… and you may tune into the angelic realm if you wish, as well as the Ascended Masters and perhaps your star nation family if you have knowledge of them … you may learn of your star nation family in many ways….we have discussed this in other messages.

Anything you can do at this time to embrace unity consciousness, service to others, and the higher dimensional concepts of truth love justice hope joy peace and abundance will assist not only everyone on your planet but also the planet herself. Those who tune into this will be the survivors of this raising in energetic frequency on your planet. In 10 or 20 years from now in your earth time, the dark agenda will no longer be on your planet as it will have long ago been evaporated by this higher frequency energy of your world. This is good news indeed; this is something that Source Creator has ordained… it is written into the fates of time and is indeed coming to pass. Your part in this is to continue to raise your frequency and harmonize with the higher dimensional energy and to embrace unity consciousness. Work on healing any traumas from the past… this is most important at this time… this will allow you to raise your frequency more fully.

If you’re having difficulty healing trauma or healing your body, please connect within and with us, especially with Archangel Michael and Archangel Raphael and we will assist you in your healing. We are here to protect you, to love you, and to assist you to heal… that is our role… we are in service to Source Creator and to mankind and the greater good of All That Is.

Be excited and hopeful for the future of your planet …great things are coming to pass… it is indeed always darkest before the dawn. A new dawn is indeed on the horizon, in fact it is closer than the horizon… it is here now… it is occurring now, and you are a part of this great time on your dear Planet Earth Mother Gaia. Soon abundance will begin to sweep across your planet, embracing all of those who need its loving energy. The channel has been working with the Ascended Masters Lakshmi and Vishnu. Lakshmi is the Ascended Master that that embraces the frequency of abundance and prosperity, and Vishnu teaches us to use this abundance and prosperity wisely in service to others.  This abundance that is being released is for the healing of mankind and the healing of your planet.

Assist us now in visualizing your planet restored to its pristine nature, with all beings upon it working in harmony and unity… together to create a world of light for you…free of disease free of poison and free of beings of the dark agenda… this will happen naturally of course but your continued meditation of it will assist this in manifesting more quickly.

We are here loving you and of service to you in any way at any time… call on us and we will instantly be at your side.

We are,

The Council of Angels,
Archangel Michael
Archangel Raphael
Archangel Gabriel
Archangel Chamuel
Archangel Zadkiel
Archangel Uriel
and Archangel Jophiel

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Namaste, The Golden Light Channel 💫🌟"

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Tuesday, June 4, 2019

Energy report for June

Wow, it's been a tough few days! Today is an energy portal 6:6, and many people are feeling it even if they don't know what it is. It's like the full moon multiplied by 100, or something like that.

My friend read my mind today when she said it's always darkest before the dawn. She and I feel it strongly and I'm grateful to be able to share what I'm going through with someone who is going through a similar experience.

We've both been feeling like we've gone back in time to how we used to be at some point in our past. As though the healing and work we've done on ourselves was for nothing. It's upsetting and disheartening. My mind has been racing and it's been really difficult to focus for yoga and meditation. All sorts of random thoughts that seem to be desperately trying to get my attention, many of them old self-defeating fear-based programs.

But when my mind quieted down a bit today after I went for a swim, I felt it was the last stand of the 3D ego consciousness that senses it's impending demise.

My friend and I both used the same phrase today too. We both said, "I'm done with this pain."