Friday, January 21, 2022

Warriors in Austria


 Couldn't sleep last night. At all. Not one minute. That's never happened to me before. At dawn I found these guys and I resonate deeply with what they are saying, their frequency. I've been doing the rollercoaster up and down. I get so angry and at times I've been in total despair, just like I was a few days ago with the full moon in Cancer and the intense solar flares that my friend told me about. They affect me with the same symptoms every time: headache, neckache, dizziness and tiredness. But most of all intense anxiety and the usual thoughts that I've had run through my head many times in my life. Thoughts of unworthiness and self-loathing, but now accompanied by feelings of exhaustion like I can't take any more. But then suddenly it passes and I have loads of energy and feel strength and positivity return. All part of the ascension. 

 These guys are holding the light of truth in their vibration. They know it's over for the satanic forces that have played their role as our overlords for thousands of years. 

  If you like authority, don't watch. But if you really want to live free and fully responsible for yourself and don't mind a bit of bad language used for passion and emphasis, you might be inspired. 

 I was, but then I'm an indigo. That's a label I can live with.

P.S. I don't share all their opinions, especially about ayahuasca and I didn't understand their comments about the German language.

P.P.S. I have since listened to more of the recent videos recorded and uploaded by these guys and found them too angry and, in one case, one of them was encouraging violence. I do not believe violence should be encouraged, no matter how angry we may feel. In my view, only violence used in self-defence, to protect oneself or others, is justified. However, I do understand that darkness that we have inside us that must be faced, acknowledged and integrated. 

I have republished this post after taking it down because it portrays a snapshot of the times we're living in.