Saturday, February 10, 2024

It is time

There's nothing wrong with being positive, but refusing to look at the negative things that are happening in the world will not make them go away.

The new age teachings such as 'only focus on the positive' is how our evil 'rulers' get to carry on doing what they've been doing for millennia.

New age philosophy is truth mixed with lies which tricks people into navel-gazing and not facing up to the evil in our world. This evil, which has been running rampant in our world for thousands of years, is becoming harder and harder to ignore. The good news is that the evil-doers' playtime is over and they know it. They are trying to win the game and you will see them play dirtier and dirtier but ultimately they will lose.

It is time to face it and take a stand against it. It is vital to understand that the darkness is also within and so we cannot run away from it. It must be seen, felt and integrated. 'Working on your self' also includes shadow work. We are incredibly powerful and that power has been hidden from us along with the truth of who we are for a very long time. But that power depends on the integration of light AND dark.

It is time to say no, to say, 'Enough!' and refuse to comply any more. You do not need leaders or rulers or gurus. Keep your own counsel. The answers are inside you.

With love,