Monday, May 20, 2013

The nature of my reality

Completely ignoring the dismissive label of "pseudoscience" and treating it with the contempt it deserves, I am going to talk about the nature of reality. That is, the nature of reality as I have come to understand it. In the few years I have been here, I have been asking questions and in one way or another I would say that I've had most of them answered. A lot of them have been answered through reading: explorations through the realms of psychology, astrology, spirituality and philosophy. Many have been answered by friends, lovers and "enemies". Others through meditation and contemplation and some simply just from living life in this beautiful but sometimes frustrating and maddening world. In the case of science, despite being interested in biology at school, I became disillusioned when I realised how limited it was in explaining who we are and why we are alive. For example, medicine can tell us that one person is dead and another alive, but not why. What is the difference between the two? Instead science ignores the question and carries on its merry way down the eyepiece of an electron microscope into a reductionist denial of the bigger picture. Just divide reality up into little pieces and that way it seems a lot more manageable. But the problem is those little pieces just keep on getting smaller and smaller and in the end what we are left with is what appears to be just energy. Electrons, protons, neutrons and now quarks and leptons, are believed to be the smallest particles known to man. Quarks have names such as up, down, charm and strange. Discovering this information I wondered momentarily if I was reading an article about sub atomic particles or Pokemon. But whatever you call them, the fact remains that they are essentially just energy in constant motion. The solid appearance of our world is just an illusion. For example, if you were able to look through a powerful enough microscope nothing would appear as solid. Instead it would look like empty space with a few electrons whizzing around. As I explained in a previous post, the double-slit experiment showed that electrons are not particles unless you look at them. Until you look at them, they are moving and do not have form. They are waves of possibility. In my mind this means that, as I sit here at my desk, writing this post and looking out of the window, according to quantum theory the room behind me has dissolved into a wave of  possibilities: a possible bed, a possible wardrobe, a possible lamp, and so on. But when I turn around they are all there just as they were when I last looked.

Everything is vibrating at a certain frequency and it is this frequency that determines the characteristics of the thing in question. A rock has a different frequency to a crystal, for example. A human being, as a much more complex entity, has a range of frequencies emitted by the major organs and systems of the body. As well as emitting signals, the human being is also a receiver, decoding the frequencies around it.  The eyes decode the light that bounces off the objects around us and creates images that the brain interprets as the world we live in. The ears decode the sounds around us, the nose the scents and the skin the textures and temperatures we encounter from the things and people we touch.  The health of the body is dependent upon the body's frequencies being in balance. Illness is basically imbalance and the medicines and treatments that work best to heal it are those that work in harmony with the body and allow it to realign itself rather than trying to poison it or cut it. Kindness works better than cruelty and why should that be any different with our bodies? Alternative forms of healing are gaining popularity such as accupuncture, homeopathy, shiatsu, reiki, cranial osteopathy and aromatherapy. There are many more that I haven't mentioned and more are being developed all the time. The uniqueness of human beings means that people respond to different stimuli and what feels right to one person may not to another. The principle factor in whether or not a particular healing modality works is the patient's belief in the treatment. I think this explains why some people will only go to see an alternative practitioner once all conventional treatments have been tried and have failed. Healing will then take place according to how open the person is to the treatment and with nothing else left to try they may be more receptive.

Human beings, as already mentioned, emit frequencies from the different organs of the body such as the brain   and the heart. But the human being is more than just the physical body. We have thoughts and feelings too; we have consciousness-mind-self-awareness. Shouldn't this have a frequency too? According to those that teach the Law of Attraction, it does. One of my favourite teachers is Abraham, channelled by Esther Hicks. Abraham explains in simple terms that the thoughts we think produce a frequency and that frequency emits a signal which attracts back to us events and experiences of the same frequency. This is demonstrated by the analogy of going to work in a good mood and everything going your way, people being friendly and helpful etc. versus going to work in bad mood and things going wrong, boss is angry with you, people are unhelpful etc. Of course, life is more complicated than that and it's not so easy to be in a good mood all the time or even desirable. Most of us need challenge and some difficulty to make life more interesting and fulfilling. Abraham calls this "contrast". Without contrast we wouldn't grow and develop. We wouldn't try to improve ourselves or our lives, learn new skills or expand our awareness.

Sometimes people need things to become unbearable before they will do anything about their situation. Imagine you have a job that, although interesting at first, has now become boring and repetitive. You might have got to the point where you dread going to work every day. You start looking for a new job but don't have any success and so you become more and more frustrated, discouraged and maybe even depressed as you begin to lose hope of finding one. The solution to this according to Abe is to make peace with where you are. Instead of hating the position you are in and growing more and more resentful every day, the way out is to look for things to feel grateful for. Maybe you could tell yourself that these days just having a job is a reason to feel blessed. Finding reasons to feel happy where you are does not mean just accepting your situation and giving up trying to change it but instead feeling gratitude for what you already have while holding a vision in your mind of where you want to be. The difference is that you are using the Law of Attraction to create the new reality by raising your vibration to a higher frequency - gratitude is on the high end of the scale - and focusing on creating what you want instead of focusing on the lack of it. When you think that a certain change to your life circumstances or material possession will make you happy, in order to attract them into your life you need to be a vibrational match to them. The way I have come to understand it is that, although you might think you should get what you want because you need it, the vibration of need is not the same as the new circumstances you desire. The vibration of need is low and has a lot of resistance around it and possibly doubt around a person's belief in their deservedness to get what they want. Desiring or wanting something has a different vibration to needing something. Desiring something is a pure signal that is unadulterated by resistance in the form of negative beliefs like "things don't work out for me" or issues around one's worthiness to have what they want.  So in simple terms: feel grateful, lighten up and be kind to yourself.