Saturday, June 28, 2014

Return to Eden

Why do people assume that if you care about human rights and individual freedom you must be socialist? And that if you want all people to have equal access to housing, food and water, you must be a communist? Both of these belief systems, as well as those of the opposing view, have undeniably brought suffering. Why have all the political ideologies been a failure? What has been absent for so long from our governing systems is the feminine principle. The world has been obsessed with the masculine principles of domination and conquest, externally imposed order and control along with need to classify and label everything. The feminine principles of caring, compassion and forgiveness and a faith in the natural order have been scorned and considered to be folly and weakness. The strength that is present within actions that arise from gentle hearts is not acknowledged. The pendulum has swung back and forth between extremes for centuries with no solution to be found in either. Now is the time for the energy of the divine feminine to return to its place within the human heart, re-balancing the masculine energies that have run rampant, so that we might reawaken our true nature and remember the way back to the garden.