Saturday, June 28, 2014

Return to Eden

Why do people assume that if you care about human rights and individual freedom you must be socialist? And that if you want all people to have equal access to housing, food and water, you must be a communist? Both of these belief systems, as well as those of the opposing view, have undeniably brought suffering. Why have all the political ideologies been a failure? What has been absent for so long from our governing systems is the feminine principle. The world has been obsessed with the masculine principles of domination and conquest, externally imposed order and control along with need to classify and label everything. The feminine principles of caring, compassion and forgiveness and a faith in the natural order have been scorned and considered to be folly and weakness. The strength that is present within actions that arise from gentle hearts is not acknowledged. The pendulum has swung back and forth between extremes for centuries with no solution to be found in either. Now is the time for the energy of the divine feminine to return to its place within the human heart, re-balancing the masculine energies that have run rampant, so that we might reawaken our true nature and remember the way back to the garden.


Anonymous said...

Caring, compassion and forgiveness, faith in the natural order, are indeed feminine, as opposed to testosterone values like domination and conquest. I agree.
But compassionate, caring and forgiving women are few. Most of them are selfish and narcissist. Particularly feminists. On the other hand, domineering and all conquering men are few. Most men want to live in peace and go about their occupations without troubling others. But in order to achieve their goals, they have to resist the former and call upon strong domineering men to oppose all conquering men. Back to square one, we have violence on both sides ! To make things worse, many women are very gifted at manipulating men's testosterone to achieve their goals. How can we hope to re-balance those energies in order to "reawaken our true nature" when we know that our true nature is what I have just described ? 30 centuries of experience are behind us to prove it. The truth of the matter is that genetically caring, compassionate and forgiving men and women are few and that we should spend our lives trying to find them and love them while doing our best to flee all the others without moral qualms or remorse. C'est moins angélique mais plus sûr.

Kore said...

Thanks for your comment. When I talk about the feminine energy, I do not mean to imply that those of the female gender are superior to those of the male. I do not believe that for one minute. I mean to speak of humanity as whole which has been living under patriarchy for thousands of years. When I speak of the masculine and the feminine I speak of them as divine energies that when united become source energy or God. I believe that when these energies are in balance within a human being, that person carries the essence of God within them and is therefore living and acting from their true nature. I have seen this imbalance more and more clearly as I have gone through life. There are differences in men and women, whether those differences are innate or as a result of social conditioning is a hotly debated topic. In my opinion, it is a combination of both. I understand how the differences between the sexes resulted in different roles. Men, who carry more of the masculine energy are physically stronger and more externally focused than women and so go out into the world to fight for what their own and their family's physical needs, while the woman, who carries more of the feminine energy, is more internally focused, nurtures the family and takes care of its emotional needs. But now that those male and female roles, once so clearly defined, have now become much less so, men and women seem to be going through a kind of identity crisis. The feminist movement, while I see it as having been necessary in order to get women the equality we enjoy today, in some respects it has fueled divisions between men and women. While it may carry the name, I do not see the feminist movement as embodying the feminine principle as it employs the masculine energies to fight for the ever elusive 'equality' that many of its proponents seek. While I am grateful for the rights I enjoy compared with generations before me, I would not consider myself to be a feminist. This is perhaps due to a teenage experience where I found myself arguing with two of my best female friends who were adamant that women were the nicer of two sexes. I found their argument illogical and also completely untrue from my own experience since I had two close male friends at the time whose company I preferred because I felt that I could relax and be myself when I was with them. Whereas, with girls I felt subtle undertones of disapproval and judgmental attitudes often fueled by petty jealousies. Regarding your comment about women being manipulative, I see that as the dark side of the feminine. In the past some women felt that they could not get what they wanted by openly asking for it, but needed to use their feminine attributes to get it. These days there seems to be a belief that women being able to wear clothes as tight-fitting or as skimpy as they like is a way of showing that they are powerful, independent and in charge of their sexuality. Personally, if that is 'equality', then I don't want it. I don't believe this behaviour is improving women's status in the world and neither do I believe that it encourages men to respect women - quite the opposite. There is so much more I would like to say on this topic but I think I need to leave it there for tonight. Regarding the return of the divine feminine, I am researching the gnostic teachings and will be writing more about this as soon as I have time.