Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Anne Hess on Ascension

I just discovered this interview with this woman, Anne Hess, who was previously unknown to me. She was unknown but the words coming out of her mouth are familiar and resonate with my own inner knowing. I love the way she puts her wisdom into words, in a way which makes it clear and simple to understand, for me at least. I hope they will be clear for others too, which is one reason I have decided to share them. The other reason is that her strength is helping me to come back to myself. By that I mean that for a while I have been exploring the dark control matrix and through that my shadow side which itself draws me to look at the darkness that exists in the world. I have learned that I cannot look at the darkness and think that I am separate from it. But I know that to look into it for too long without coming back to the authentic me, the me I choose to be, is to allow myself to become unbalanced and that helps no one, least of all myself.

Anne seems to prefer to focus on the positive too. I love the way, at the beginning of the interview she is impatient with the interviewer, who is pressing her to talk about the controllers and the way things have been for many centuries.  Her irritation can be seen in her reluctance to listen and her body language, the way at one point she grabs a pile of cards and books and tidies them away in an angry manner, as though she were on the verge of terminating the conversation. Later on, she is more relaxed in a different environment, outside on a swing seat.

Coming back to myself is great. When I stop looking at how awful everything is in the news on TV or on the internet, I realise how happy I am despite all of it. Listening to Anne reminds me that there are people who are working for the benefit of all. She said something wonderful. She said that the plan is for everyone to ascend. This takes me back to when I was a teenager and I said in my head that I couldn't be truly happy until everyone else was happy. An impossibility you might say. But the little voice inside me answered in the affirmative meaning that it is possible. And I know the little voice tells me the truth. We will have to wait and see but my heart is bouncing around like an ecstatic baby goat as I think about what might happen in the future.

*A word about ascension. This is not ascension as it is understood by the christian faiths but a word used to describe the rise in frequency. As Anne Hess explains, everything is energy and energy vibrates. The rate at which it vibrates is called the frequency and the speed at which something or someone vibrates determines its density. Our planet is dense and some of the people who live on it are even denser. (Sorry, couldn't resist!) But as shown by science, this density is an illusion as, when seen on the sub-atomic level, there is no matter only energy. The rising frequency means that the energy of which we and our planet are composed is increasing the rate at which it vibrates and this affects us in many different ways. I do not have all the answers, and I am as uncertain as any of you reading this what this will mean for us, but what I do know is that as our vibratory frequency increases we will have a stronger connection to our higher selves (the higher mind) as well as increasing access to the collective unconscious, as Jung called it, the quantum field of intelligence. This can be observed as an inner knowing, like when we just know the answer to something but we're not sure how we know it. Another thing to watch out for is the increase in telepathy, so no more lying! Honesty will become the natural way in our interactions with others. One thing that many teachers are talking about now is the need to come from the heart centre. This means that, instead of using the intellect, we need to realise that true wisdom comes from the heart. The heart centre is the bridge between the spiritual and the physical realms, the blending of those energies, the masculine and feminine and other polarities, and the balance point where we harmonise our spiritual selves with our physical selves. The heart knows the truth of who we are and that the only way forward is to imbue every thought and action with loving intention and to live our lives authentically, peeling away the layers of our superficial projections and allowing the light of our souls to shine through.