Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Being authentic - going deeper

A post I read on Facebook today titled, The Unstoppable Awakening of Humanity - Symptoms of the Shift, catalyzed me into reposting the article with my own comment in which I shared some information that I have held secret and close to my heart for as long as I can remember. It only remained up for about ten minutes before I took it down again because I decided that I would rather share the information here, where it is more likely to be read by individuals who stumble across it synchronistically, meaning that they are vibrationally matched to it and open to receiving the part of its message that is meant for them.

The writer, Zen Gardner, lists the signs that he believes confirm that a global awakening of humanity is happening. By awakening he implies that humanity is asleep, which is a metaphor for the state of unconsciousness in which most people appear to exist. The passive, obedient and unquestioning way people live, struggling to make ends meet, paying taxes and dying without ever really knowing why they were here. Others "lead lives of quiet desperation" (Thoreau), knowing there is something missing but never able to find it. Some turn to drink or drugs in a desperate bid to escape from the dreary drudgery of life in menial jobs with low pay and no stimulation for their intellect and creativity. They are hopeless and apathetic, powerless and victimised. They watch the television and live vicariously through programmes about people living rich and glamorous lives that they fear they will never experience. The TV shapes their belief systems: their world view, their value system, their definition of who they are and their relative worth to that of others. They are fooled into believing they have the ability to effect change at election time when they are offered the illusion of choice. They opt for right, left or centre but when the dust settles they see different faces making different promises but their lives are just the same. For the majority, things appear to get slightly better before they inevitably get much worse, as even those lucky enough to have a job find that it doesn't cover the ever increasing cost of living. They are so busy working to put food on the table that they never stop to question why things are the way they are. With their heads down and noses to the grindstone, they are unable or unwilling to take a broader view. They have enough of their own problems, they don't have the energy for the problems of the world. But Zen Gardner believes this is changing, and so do I.

For as long as I can remember I have had a feeling that I had a job to do. The feeling comes from deep inside me and never goes away. Throughout my childhood and young adult years I felt it but didn't know what it was. I only knew I felt a deep love for the Earth, and great pain when I began realising what humankind was doing to her. I couldn't understand why, when I had been raised to respect those in government as being wise and paternal figures serving the greater good, they were allowing such short-sighted greed to wreck our precious planet. Around that time, my boyfriend and I became one more statistic when the housing bubble burst in 1990. We lost our home but even though my respect for those in authority was disintegrating, I still believed them when they said they were "at the mercy of market forces". As the popular expression goes, I still believed in cock-up rather than conspiracy. But that view was set to change.

At this time, I was very stressed and getting a lot of migraines. I was also very disillusioned with life and swore I would never have children as I saw no future for them. My boyfriend and I moved into a small flat and just after that I saw an interview with David Icke on the television. A former footballer, TV presenter and politician, he was being ridiculed by the interviewer, Terry Wogan, for the things he was saying. The audience was laughing but I wasn't. The things he was saying made perfect sense to me. Suddenly, I wasn't alone anymore. Here was someone validating all the thoughts and intuitions I had kept to myself for fear of being laughed at or belittled. A person who was saying that everything was energy and that we are all one. And here was someone else who cared as much if not more than me about the state of the world. I felt a deep respect for this man facing so much humiliation in order to tell the nation the truth. From that moment on, a weight lifted from my shoulders and I began to feel hopeful and happy again because, if he felt the way I did, there must be more of us.

These days, I know there are many of us and the numbers are growing every day. The internet has been indispensable in the sharing of information, ideas, love and support among people of like minds and hearts. People are talking about so many things; some I resonate with, some I don't and some that make me laugh and smile because they are so incredible, especially the extraterrestrial info. I am developing a good intuition for what is truth and what is lies. I am also aware of disinformation, where real events are mixed with fabrication. Like many others, I can see straight through the false flag operations and manufactured wars that are coming ever more frequently as the controllers try to perpetuate fear as the dominant vibration on the planet. They know if we are in fear we are easy to control and they stir that up in any way they can, through turning us against each other: nationality against nationality, race against race, creed against creed, male against female, rich against poor, left against right and so on. But I'm smiling now as I say that people are seeing through that too, more and more every day, yawning, stretching ...

Waking people up. Prodding them, poking them, talking to them, challenging them, listening to them, stimulating them, arguing with them, loving them. This has been my work, for as long as I can remember. It's what I came here for and I know that now. It's taken me a long time to realise it and even longer to admit it to myself. I was doing it even when I didn't know what I was doing. I did it at work, at the pub on a Saturday night, at parties and raves, at school, college and university, at festivals, at the bus stop... everywhere. The impulse is always there, a feeling that I have a job to do. When my boyfriend asked me to go and live off-grid with him I said no. I knew I had to live and work among 'normal' or conventional people. People who are still asleep, plugged into the matrix: the fake reality. People who, by still believing in the "system", are helping to perpetuate its existence. By running away to the countryside, I felt like I would be abandoning them. I had to try to help them remember who they are. Not tell them who they are. There's no evangelism in my work. My intention is to give them a gentle push (if I'm honest, with some it has been more of a shove ;)) in the right direction. When I was younger, I was more insistent which sometimes caused resistance in the other person. Nowadays, I relax and allow the encounter to unfold in the way it is meant to. I am not the architect of this process. I am its vehicle. If I go into my ego, which like everyone else I do from time to time when my vibration falls and I lose my connection, I know that it's not helping anyone. I'm not better that anyone else, nor am I less than anyone else. I simply chose to come here at this time to do this work.  I am not the only one. There are so many that people have labels such as "lightworker", "starseed", "indigo". I don't like labels as this feeds into the "us and them" mentality and the ego. I have always felt different to others but that is because I remember a little bit more than they do. But I am not separate from them. We are all one and I'm still remembering too. My encounters with others are not one way. So many people have taught me and helped me to grow and evolve. Others have healed me when I was in pain. Then there is the one who stirs the currents so profoundly that you know you will never be the same again.

Who is the architect? For me, the architect is the source of everything, the energy of pure intelligence and love, from where we all came and to where we shall all return.

What I want with all my heart is for enough of humanity to wake up so that we reach a critical mass and the game will be is up (more power in the present tense). Humanity literally stops playing ball with the controllers. We stop cooperating and refuse to do what they want. We see through the manipulation and all the lies, stop going off to fight their wars and bailing out their private banks. We  refuse to eat their toxic food and take their poisonous medicines. We release the long-suppressed free energy technologies and refuse to continue raping the planet. We clean up the oceans and stop ill-treating the animals. We build eco-homes and farm sustainably and in harmony with the Earth. We reorient the education system towards developing personal talents instead of turning out slaves to economic growth. We remember that we can heal ourselves through forgotten energy medicine techniques - some of which we haven't forgotten, such as acupuncture ... and hugs! There is more but I have to go to bed.

Goodnight and love to all ... and kisses :)

Walden, Henry David Thoreau
David Icke talking about the Wogan interview