Tuesday, January 5, 2016

Alex Collier - unlocked interview from August 2015

Of all the people I listen to to get information about the Earth changes and the planetary ascension process, Alex Collier* resonates the most as he is the only one that describes what I am feeling personally and helps me to find a way through the confusing information coming from the media, scientists and others who claim to know what is happening.  I don't know if I believe all of the information that is presented by Alex, or any of the other speakers on this topic, but I have an open mind. What I do believe is what I can feel which is the rise in vibration. I've been feeling it quickening for years and years. But now it is really noticeable and very exciting. It feels like something really good is just around the corner.  

I'd like to summarise some of what Alex is saying in this video, the parts that particularly interest me (starting at 30 min mark). In September/October 2015 he says the solar system began its descent into the Galactic Plane which is an enormous electric-plasma field. This began to turn on our dormant DNA. (Many in this field talk about our original 12 strands of DNA rather than the two we rely on today.) One child has already been tested and found to have 3 strands of DNA and Alex says that more have been born. With the energy from the Galactic Plane he says children such as these will jump to 5 strands and that the rest of us adults will jump to three strands. He says we will feel the effects of this energy physically. "This energy is very fast, it will feel like we're hyperventilating, or on speed or like we've had way too much coffee - an accelerated adrenaline rush." He emphasises the importance of connecting to spirit, to soul, as a way of dealing with this energy. The only thing that can disconnect you from this energy, this force, is fear which is in the mind, which is why you're seeing things being kicked up quite a few notches because the powers-that-be still have quite a bit of control here. "They're not running for cover yet." To detach from the drama, whether it be ISIS or the presidential race, is going to take some practice because they want our attention. What keeps fueling this holograph is our focus on it. The Andromedans (from the Andromeda Galaxy), in the past, talked about creating a "domain of knowing". The Magna Carta started that with the lords and knights wanting some kind of rights against the king, so that the king couldn't do anything he wanted when he wanted. Out of that came the United States' Bill of Rights.That in turn created the Domain of Knowing which went around the world. He says that because of that people now have an awareness of the need to have rights and that they have the right not to be treated like cattle, chattel or a natural resource. He goes on to say that as individuals or in groups we need to create a new domain of knowing, one of benevolent joy; joy being one of the highest forms of love there is; an expression that all of us share together. There is no one leader for this, there can't be one leader for this.This has to be something everyone individually needs to grasp, needs to embrace with their own focused intent."And in doing this not only do you become a leader but you become an expression of that which you're creating - a benevolent expression of joy." He says it is very contagious and is the opposite of what the powers-that-be are trying to create on Earth which is fear and everything associated with fear.

Alex is saying here that the current international crises, such as the acute terrorist threat, climate change etc. have been deliberately manufactured to keep us spellbound, watching the drama unfold in the Middle East and the theatre of the political elections taking place, the refugee crisis, the threat to our culture, jobs and so on, all of it keeping us in a state of fear. Fear: a low vibrational state, which impedes clear, rational thought and makes us reactive and easily manipulated. Those who wish to maintain their grip on power know that we collectively create the holographic reality in which we live and they wish us to create the reality they want. Alex has been telling us for years that the main message of the Andromedans, a fifth density (this refers to frequency - we are third density) race, is that we must choose what we want our world to be. They will help us but they will not do it for us. It is our time to evolve to something greater, if that is what we collectively choose.

I keep forgetting the power of my mind to focus, to decide, to choose and to create my reality. Sometimes the responsibility feels too great and so I run away into fantasy and escapism which, for me, means into the old paradigm. I pretend it's not happening, that the fictitious reality we have been raised in is the real one. But when I watch the TV I realise I can't go back there. I can see through its fake veneer of pseudo-realism which is becoming more and more laughable every day, like a parody of itself. I find it astonishing that people still watch the news and get taken in by the rubbish they pump out. The fabricated stories about ISIS and our government's need to keep us all safe by tightening control over us and making us pay for their wars while telling us there's no money for health or education. I have tried for a few years to awaken people to the lies and I will probably still inform those who are receptive, but I want to devote more of my energy to creating the kind of world I want to live in and that I want to leave to my child and my grandchildren. I'm really beginning to feel how powerful we are as human beings. It is us that have the power to create. We were tricked into creating this world as it is but by realising this truth we can create something so much better. We have been fooled to think that a world where all people have their physical needs met and the time to devote to creative pursuits is an impossible dream, a utopia. But it isn't. We have been turned against each other and tricked into fighting and killing each other for thousands of years. They have used the principal of divide and conquer to keep us from uniting for our greater good. They have lied to us and kept us ignorant of the truth in order to control us. We have had all knowledge of our true origins and nature suppressed and destroyed, cut out of our religious writings and excised from the history books. They have fooled us into believing that we are violent and cruel, selfish and greedy. But this is nothing but conditioning, brainwashing and programming. They have superimposed their characteristics onto us. And who are they? At the core they are not human. They are extra-terrestrials and they have been meddling with us for years. They are helped by human minions. Collectively, Alex calls them the regressives or the powers-that-be. Some people call them the Archon-Reptillians. Others speak of the Nephilim or Annunaki. When you accept this as a possibility suddenly our history, our anthropology, our paleontology, our archaeology, our religious texts make sense. "The Missing Link" between apes and humans makes sense when you realise they have modified our DNA. They created us as we are today. The ancient paintings, carvings and sculptures of space craft and ETs make sense when you realise they have been coming here for centuries. The elongated skulls and huge skeletons discovered in Peru make sense. The correctly translated words in the biblical scriptures, "we made man in our image" ("our" not "my"); words said by the Elohim which means gods in plural (El means god) now make sense. There is so much more which I do not have time to go into here. But their time is up. They've had their fun but now it's over and it's time for humanity to choose who we want to be and realise our true potential.

Alex says the Andromedans see us this way in the future:

"Responsible freedom of self-determination becoming truly self-confident and free to unconditionally be responsible for oneself without being coerced to accept some higher authority."

Freedom and response-ability. The ability to respond, to act in the best interests of ourselves and others and to have all of the information and all of the tools to do so. That is a future I would like for myself and my loved ones.

Egyptian cartouche at Temple of Seti in Abydos

*Alex Collier claims to be a contactee of the Andromeda race of extra-terrestrials.

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