Sunday, December 10, 2017

Polarisation and realisation - December 2017

"As you move into the final month of your year 2017, the extreme polarisation of humanity becomes tangible and noticeable. That which has been hidden and in the shadows, clear and obvious only to those who stand aware and walk the enlightenment path, moves into the path of those who still sleep, presenting as a beacon of unknown origin and pattern. It is for the aware and enlightened to continue the work they have committed themselves to. That of assisting with the awakening of humanity. The healers stand by ready to catch the falling unaware and sleeping humanity as they are presented with a hidden reality. In your month of December 2017, this is the energetic that shall be presented so clearly. The energetic of extreme polarisation and the sudden awakenings and realisations of humanity as they are presented with that which has been hidden from their view and from their experience. Not all shall catch the full presentation of the hidden reality yet all shall be touched by its presence. The distraction within the period around Yule, the winter solstice, known to many as Christ mass or Christmas, will act somewhat as a buffer for the shock-style awakening that is presented. Polarisation and realisation. These are the words in your language which best explain the energetic for December 2017. Polarisation and realisation."

This is how the latest message from the Nine channelled by Magenta Pixie begins. The way I understand this is that something is going to happen this month that will forcibly awaken those who still refuse to see what is right in front of them in terms of the control system we've been living under for hundreds of years; the lies, mind control through indoctrination in schools, universities and via television and movies, poisoning through "food" and "medicines" and the exploitation of humanity as a resource, in the same way we use farm animals, will suddenly be clearly seen by all.

For those of us who have already come a long way down that road, it is quite irritating and frustrating to talk to people who still don't "get it" and refuse to see what is glaringly obvious to the rest of us. It's hard not be annoyed with them and some have even coined unkind insults for them such as "sheeple" referring to these people's need to follow the herd and not do any independent thinking, while they in turn have their own insults for us such as "tinfoil hat wearer", referring to the supposed belief among conspiracy theorists that they can protect themselves from attack from electromagnetic frequencies used for mind control by wearing a hat made from aluminium foil.The term "conspiracy theory" itself has now become a label used to immediately disqualify anything said by anyone who questions the official version of events, thereby shutting down any informed debate or open-minded exploration of the facts. 

What is clear for many is that this is just one way in which humanity is polarised. Polarisation that has always been there seems to be getting more extreme in every area of life: men versus women, left versus right politics, unionist versus separatist, Christian/Jew versus Muslim, religious versus atheist and so on. These days, it seems as though battle lines can be drawn within just about any belief system or ideology. But the greatest polarisation seems to me to be between those who have disengaged themselves from the old paradigm system of "control of the many by the few", or are in the process of doing so, and those who are still completely subservient to it believing it to be the only viable way to live, as per their conditioning, despite the mounting evidence that it is totally unsustainable and destroying the planet we live on. These battle lines are drawn between those that follow mainstream news which is scripted by those who own it, and those who read or listen to more independent sources; those who unquestioningly follow their doctor's orders, and those who do their own research and follow their intuition regarding what is best for themselves and their family's health; those who react in fear to the latest staged terror event, and those that see straight through it, to name a few. In essence, there are those who are still susceptible to mass hypnosis and the NLP techniques of social engineering perfected over decades, and those who are not, because for the latter the spell has been broken.

For those of us who see through the lies, the possibility of a mass awakening is a welcome prospect and, many of us would say, long overdue. But I'm sure I'm not the only one who can see how traumatic that would be for many people if it were to happen suddenly without warning. That is why I see the importance of what the Nine say about being loving and compassionate at this time towards those who are having a difficult time. What form this wake-up call will take, I have no idea. Will it be some sort of revelation of the secret space program, the presence of extra-terrestrial races, a cosmic event or simply the lifting of the veil by the removal of whatever technology some say is blocking our access to higher consciousness? Who knows? Maybe nothing will happen at all which would be disappointing but not disheartening because we are on course to a better world, of that I am certain.

Magenta is making a series of videos to analyse what the Nine may be saying in this channelling. Here are the first two: