Thursday, February 8, 2018

Compassion - the Key to Deconstructing the Matrix

In this channelling  Magenta passes on some information from her source that is even more esoteric than usual and I'm going to do my best to decipher it here.

"As revolutions and disclosures begin in earnest upon your planet at the beginning point of your year of 2018, manifesting into actuality all you have focused upon within your inner being as a starseeded aware soul, that of truth, authenticity, growth, knowledge and utter transparency of dark deeds and corruption, creating the energetic of integrity as a collective consciousness within humanity, we turn to the 4th dimensional structures to present to you the matching presentations within that field. As above, so below, always the case in alignment with the law of reality, if you will, we would draw your attention to the slight time-loop or presentation of time we are looking at."

Magenta is referring to the information that is gradually coming out about cover-ups and political manipulations and how those of us that have held onto a desire for truth have created an energetic frequency that has become stronger, louder and more powerful, radiating outwards into the world and, as with a tuning fork, affecting all those we come into contact with and in turn harmonising with and raising the frequency of those whose desire for truth has also been ignited. The exponential growth in those holding this frequency of truth has reached a critical mass point which has now begun the avalanche of disclosure which will come during the following months and years.

She explains that the 4th dimension is an echo of the 3rd but is a 'more malleable structure' by which I think she means that it is easier to create with the energy there. Since we go there during our dreamtime when we are asleep at night, those that have recollections of lucid dreams may remember instant manifestation whereby you think of being somewhere and suddenly you are there. Or where people and things instantly appear in front of you or you yourself change into another person or animal. She says that we can create in this realm and have what we create there manifest in 3D, although at a slower rate obviously.

She says that it is through this portal that we can connect with our higher self, our true self, only an aspect of which incarnates into the physical avatar we call our body. Only an aspect, because our higher self is of a higher frequency and cannot exist fully in the lower vibrations of the third dimension, although as the Earth rises in frequency, more of our true self is able to exist here and that is why we can feel ourselves becoming wiser and more authentically who we know in our hearts we truly are. An analogy to explain this might be how air bubbles cannot be held underwater as gas molecules vibrate at a faster, higher frequency to water molecules. But as we all know, when the the conditions are favourable the water molecules can increase their vibratory rate and become a gas. In the case of the Earth however, the planet is raising its frequency so that it harmonises with that of the 4th dimension so that we can join our higher selves there. But to clarify, the dimensions are not places. They are frequencies and occupy the same space and time, just as air occupies the same space and time as we do even though we cannot see it because it is vibrating faster than our eyes are designed to decode it.

Magenta says we can use the body-mind system to travel through the 4D dreamscape and that it is our creative landscape with a structure that echoes the 3rd dimensional landscape. She says that when we use it in conjunction with the 5th dimensional landscape and beyond, we move into complete balance and hold the organic DNA structure as a sovereign, activated, incarnated human with memories intact and a feed system that links us directly to Source. I interpret this to mean that this is how we were designed to be. Fully aware of who we truly are, able to access all of our brain capacity as well as the higher mind, the unified field of consciousness, all our memories of past lives and our purpose for incarnating on Earth and with a direct connection to Source (God) and no need to seek outside of ourselves for that connection in things or other people. 

"What happens then if the 4th dimensional aspect of your matrix were to be infiltrated, changed and hijacked? What would occur if beings different to yourselves, with more of an anchoring in that dimensional field, the 4th dimension, as part of their structure, were to deliberately create a trapping system within that structure, creating inverted portal systems that funnel your energies into a false light matrix, allowing your energy field to be deliberately misled so you willingly give your energy and power away to those that use it for sustenance? If this were to happen you would be caught in a time-loop of your own making, unbeknownst to you in your innocent exploration of that 4th dimensional field. This time-loop would lead you back down into a physical incarnated cycle of constant forgetfulness and incarnational basic DNA structure of amnesia, moving you into a repeating incarnational loop. This would take away your sovereign divine right to express your divinity through separation into unity and experience individualisation as a physically incarnated being."

Magenta is now talking about the matrix control system which has been created by beings that dwell in the 4th dimension. As to who these beings are, there are many claims, such as that they are reptilians, greys and mantids, some of whom are controlled by AI (Artificial Intelligence). But I don't think it matters really and focusing on that creates fear which feels unpleasant and supposedly gives those beings power as they are said to feed off of our lower emotions. Ultimately, we are the masters of our reality but, as Magenta has said, we have been tricked into believing that we have no power and we have given it away as a result.

She goes on to say that, "No soul can truly be hijacked. They can only be led astray. The soul is fooled into giving permissions for other entities to consume their energy. They become a willing participant to the vampirism of other, only partly-organic, structures. The entrapment system, creating its own laws, prevents assistance from higher entities guiding the innocent soul, if you will, due to free will laws that must be adhered to. Those beings of true integrity will not overstep the free will structure that is the very backbone of human life upon your planet."

Here she explains that our guides and angels that live in the higher dimensions and who would like to help us cannot interfere due to the law of free will that we have on the Earth plane. Despite the fact that we may see ourselves as so small and powerless, we are in fact divine souls with great wisdom and power but we have chosen to experience the limitation of this dimension, that of a finite reality. With the added restriction and difficulty of the hijacking by the aforementioned vampiric beings, we have set ourselves a greater challenge. From a much higher perspective, from a higher vantage point on the mountain of creation, we have accepted the challenge for the great growth and expansion such an experience can give us.

But due to the free will laws, those in the higher realms can only come to our aid if we ask. Those of us who are religious and/or spiritual and know how to pray will do so but those who do not have any faith or belief in God or a benevolent force of love and compassion will not ask and so they suffer alone and remain trapped in the false matrix.

"The only way to help the lost and innocent souls, we may refer to these souls as Earth-bound humans, the only way to assist would be from the third dimension. When a structure of light is created in the third dimension, this ripples upwards, if you will. In truth there is no direction here but for ease of explanation we say upwards. This ripples upwards into the higher dimensions. The structure of light is created through compassion. When one human incarnated soul holds compassion for another and takes action upon that compassion, the light code of compassion ripples upwards and changes the codes of the fourth dimension. This in turn changes the trapping system. One small beam from that structure of light, coming in from just one incarnated soul acting upon true compassion can undo miles and miles of entrapment codons within 4D. When many souls feel and act upon compassion the entire fourth dimensional trapping system is likely to be completely deconstructed."

This message would not surprise those who follow a religion. Jesus taught that forgiveness and compassion were the way to heal the world and he demonstrated it through his actions. He may have had moments of doubt but he never truly lost his faith. At times his actions may have seemed harsh and severe but his unwavering commitment to the truth was what drove him to do what he did and his endless compassion for others despite their failings and weaknesses freed them and, many believe, continues to free them to this day from evil in all its forms.