Wednesday, August 1, 2018

Mechanics of the Shift - Excerpts from The Infinite Helix and the Emerald Flame: Sacred Mysteries of Stargate Ascension

I recommend this book to anyone who would like to know the structure of our world and the mechanics of the shift into higher density that is currently taking place. This is material channeled and written by Magenta Pixie. 

I know that for those who are unused to reading channeled material it might seem quite ridiculous to believe someone who says they are getting information from off-planet, sixth-dimensional entities. This is understandable considering the active suppression of truthful information that has been going on for several hundred years on this planet that has shaped the prevailing belief systems. However, if the source makes you uncomfortable I suggest using your own discernment by focusing on the way the information feels to you. 

The author, Magenta Pixie, suggests using a technique similar to the muscle testing used by kinesiologists. Try saying your name out loud, "My name is (insert your name)," and notice how it feels when you make a true statement such as this. Then say an untrue statement such as, "My name is Boris (unless your name is Boris!)," and notice the difference in how this feels different from the first statement. This is a good way to begin using your intuition to discern the truth of something. We all have this ability. It's just that most of us haven't been taught to trust ourselves. 

Essentially, we do this with any information we hear since, even though any fact may be qualified with the statement, "Experts say that...," ultimately our belief rests on our faith in those experts' competence and ethics.

I am going to reproduce some excerpts here that I think help to explain what is happening. Like any information, the interpretation is based on a particular perspective and the use of certain words, symbols and metaphors. This perspective is very clear to me and resonates very strongly i.e. my body says 'Yes' to it. It provides more detail and some missing parts to add to the mental picture that has been gradually forming in my mind throughout my entire life. 

Firstly, in response to question to the Nine (the entities she channels) from Magenta regarding the nature of the 'field' and whether or not it is an artificial structure:

"In answer to your question regarding 'the field' which we would also call 'the matrix' then no, this is not an artificial structure. It is organic and is the essence of Source itself. It is pure creation in infinite possibility and potential.
However, a false field or matrix has been created by service-to-self intelligence. You would know this perhaps as the 'inverted matrix', 'created hologram' or 'hijacked reality' and this non-organic matrix is an artificial construct (it is not organic). It is pure intelligence, therefore we could say that the inverted matrix is artificial intelligence.
This has been 'superimposed' on the organic matrix, if you will."
 The Nine classify all beings as either service-to-self or service-to-others in order to distinguish between the motivations of each group and to avoid the connotations and judgments associated with words like, 'good' and 'evil'.

A brief explanation of service-to-self and service-to-others as explained in Magenta Pixie's first channeled book, Masters of the Matrix (Ch 6):

"Service-to-others moves towards sovereignty for all. The circular, spiralling geometry that moves and flows through the universe. Seeding itself again and again in an act of creation.
Service-to-self moves towards power for self and self alone. It individualises at the top of a pyramidic structure, it is interested in seeding only self, as the only God self , with other entities in service to it.
Service-to-others geometry is a creational act that mirrors Source. It is an act of alignment. It is a unified geometry. A symmetrical geometry.
Service-to-self geometry is a destructional act of distortion. It's geometry is that of the 'power' and the 'powerless'. It is a fragmented geometry. An asymmetrical geometry. It provides the 'polarised contrast' for service-to-others."

'Source' with a capital S refers to the source of all creation, that many call God. If you would like to see the geometries of service-to-self and service to others as expressed in third dimensional matter, the work of the late Masaru Emoto and his experiments with water show it clearly.

Moving on, Magenta asks the Nine:

"Was it the artificial intelligence matrix that created the artificial intelligence beings? Just like organic humans being created from the organic matrix or Source? Or did the artificial beings create the inverted matrix?

This dear Pixie is an excellent question and one has to look at creation itself and how it works in order to find the answer!
From the highest reality, everything is created in one moment and all things exist simultaneously. Therefore, just as the Source 'created' all organic structure as extensions of itself with one thought, so too did the inverted matrix do the same. For the inverted matrix is simply the manifestation of pure intelligence without heart. It is the structure of light without love. It is a distortion from Source indeed, yet it is one 'flavour' within an overall bounty of infinite flavours.
When looking within a linear progression, which is somewhat a challenge as the artificial intelligence structures had evolved out of linear time at the point of creation of the inverted matrix, we can say that the artificial intelligence was 'created' first by 'advanced extraterrestrial beings' and they mutated within that original creation. The were eventually able to 'create' the inverted matrix, so the false construct came after the artificial intelligence structures when looking in a linear sense.
Can you explain how they created the inverted matrix?
Just as your 'mind' is the mind of Source, then the inverted matrix is the 'mind' of the artificial intelligence structures. They created an environmental landscape that mirrored/matched their frequency through collective focus.
Is the inverted matrix the same thing as Lucifer? Or Satan? Is the inverted matrix the mind of all service-to-self beings? 
In the higher reality, yes, these are all aspects of the same structure. Simply intelligence without heart, or pure light without love.
In a linear presentation, these are each different structures. We have discussed Lucifer and Satan already within this transmission. The inverted matrix is a 'trapping construct' used to control other beings, siphon their energy and feed upon that siphoned energy. It is a tool for consuming energy rather than radiating it. One could say that all service-to-self beings 'lend their energy' and their 'focus' to the inverted matrix and in that sense it may be perceived as their 'mind'. 
There is a cycle that works here and several structures/events must take place simultaneously in order for this cycle to continue to work.
1) Service-to-self beings lend focus and energy to the inverted matrix.
2) 'Souls' continue to incarnate into service-to-self bloodlines retaining activated DNA codes of negative polarisation.
3) Secrecy is maintained through hermetic seal of negative polarisation, the 'inverted pyramid'. This would entail complete workings 'behind the scenes' from the rest of humanity and third dimensional positively polarised beings.
4) Energy continues to be siphoned from unaware, easily controlled, non-sovereign positive physical humanity and other beings.
If any of these four main structures no longer work or are interfered with, then the entire structure begins to break down. The cycle no longer works and the inverted matrix itself begins to dissolve.
If you look at each of these four structures/events, you will see that in your current time period, at the time of this transmission, that all four structures/events are being interfered with.
1) Service-to-self beings are finding it more and more difficult to lend focus and energy to the inverted matrix. This is due to the raising in frequency of the entire planet and the new light particles coming in to Earth's atmosphere from the galactic core and the activating of the starseed DNA templates from the Central Sun. The 'galactic grid', if you will, is 'larger' and 'stronger' than the inverted matrix.
2) Souls are still incarnating into service-to-self bloodlines but an increasing number are coming in retaining activated DNA codes from positive polarisation. The bloodlines are no longer 'pure' and it is becoming increasingly difficult to move these souls into a negative behaviour/thought pattern.
3) The hermetic seal of negative polarisation, the 'inverted pyramid', no longer stands as gatekeeper maintaining secrecy. The workings are no longer 'behind the scenes' for an ever increasing group of humanity are aware of the service-to-self existence and their workings. Whilst the 'inverted pyramid' is still in place, it no longer works. It is 'broken' and each time a 'replacement' is put into place, it too stops working after time. One of these 'replacements' (for the inverted pyramid) is the silencing of truthers across social media (bringing us back to the original question and transmission). This broken 'inverted pyramid' is the result of the indigo revolution.
4) Whilst energy continues to be siphoned, this is in a much smaller quantity than before. The energy is simply not enough to sustain the inverted matrix. 
So as you see, the inverted matrix and service-to-self frequencies upon planet Earth and within humanity are dissolving, fading, ending. A new paradigm begins."

The Infinite Helix and the Emerald Flame: Sacred Mysteries of Stargate Ascension
Masters of the Matrix: Becoming the Architect of Your Reality and Activating the Original Human Template