Monday, January 14, 2019

Q & A - Magenta Pixie and Dawn Holliday

It's so nice to get my own truth reflected back to me. It's nice because no one I know in my daily physical life is on the same frequency as me; a couple are similar but not the same. One  reason I don't socialise much these days because it's exhausting being with people when I have to act like someone I'm not and when I'm unable to express who I really am. But Magenta is and so is her friend, Dawn, who just said that she isn't worried about mobile phones being detrimental to her health. Just like me she feels she ought to be worried but she just isn't. Magenta explains then that it is to do with our rising frequency which simply means the radiation from mobile phones doesn't affect us so much. Dawn points out that it's also a question of free will. 

So much synchronicity! Magenta talks about this being the year of us grounding our sovereignty in the third dimension and Dawn likens it to alchemy and Carl Jung's individuation both of which I have been guided to study over the last few months!

I've also noticed telepathy increasing over the last two or three months, especially between my son and I, but also with others. Dawn says that the truthers and starseeds are finding each other now and Magenta agrees with her and so do I! I have had a few people sending me friend requests on Facebook and there seems to be more loving energy in the truther community. One girl sent me a friend request and we chatted on messenger. She told me she believed we are on the same vibration and I agree with her. It was so easy to talk to her because we both knew that we didn't need to censor what we said or explain ourselves to each other.

And I agree that it's going to be an awesome year!