Wednesday, December 30, 2020

Sacha Stone speaks to Kerry Cassidy

Two of my favourite people who at the same time have both a deep and broad understanding of the world we live in. I enjoy watching these two because they prefer to talk about the current state of play, as Sacha calls it, which is what I'm interested in too. I'm interested in their opinions about what is going on as they have access to people with information that I don't have. 

However, these days no one knows what is going to happen because its all unfolding in a way that no one can predict with any certainty. I agree with Kerry that Q is the real deal and not some evil psy-op used to confuse people. I've been following Q since the first post because of my interest in 'conspiracy theories' or alternative views and sources of information. 

Back in 2001, I was a regular visitor to Above Top Secret and Rense and it was on one of those sites that I first heard the rumour that there was going to be a huge false flag. That event turned out to be the attack on the Twin Towers, so I knew straight away that it was an inside job and never believed for a moment that it was Arab terrorists. In case I sound arrogant, I will temper that by saying that I don't believe I know everything that is going on. Of course, I don't. Only that I've got a better idea than most of the general population and quite a well-developed sense of intuition and discernment about global politics. I have the typical intellectual ability of a mercury in Sagittarius native: the ability to see the big picture, to see patterns and make connections. I do not claim to have a deep, detailed knowledge of every facet of global society, geo-politics, law, medicine, history and so on, even though I have an interest in all those things. I am practical in that I take the information that is useful and that enables me to inform my intuitive understanding of where we are at collectively. A view that is balanced between left brain intellect and right brain awareness, which I see reflected in the words and combined frequency of Sacha and Kerry.

I know this is why I'm here on this planet. This is my role, to carry the frequency of the destruction of the illusions of the old order (Kerry says material reality is maya). I, and those like me, do not even have to convince anyone, although we may have tried, because we carry the codes of awakening and liberation in our energy fields. These we share with others both physically: at work, in shops, in the street, and through the internet via social media. 

I realise now that, despite feeling some frustration and shame at times during my life that I wasn't as outwardly successful as others in terms of career, house, beauty, talent, marriage, money, Instagram lifestyle etc. (all those things we are conditioned to value), I was never meant to be or have all of that. I don't really care about those things as much as most other humans. That's not who I am nor why I am here. I am a success at what I came here to do and that does not require recognition from others. It's enough to know it for myself. I can only be who I am, as authentically as I can, in each moment. Perhaps this is what Sacha calls self-actualisation, the realisation of the Atman.

People are waking up exponentially now! So exciting!