Saturday, January 16, 2021

Truth is a pathless land

Unfortunately, the interviewer Robert David Steele's channel was deleted by the YouTube thought police. I'll leave it like this as an example of the diabolical degree of censorship we are experiencing these days.  

Martin Geddes begins with the quote, 'Truth is a pathless land' that he attributes to Jiddu Krishnamurti. Martin is someone I've been following for some years on Twitter and, occasionally, through his blog posts on until they censored him. (He's now been removed from Twitter too.) He began writing articles to explain the Q posts to people and to 'connect the dots' for them. Q posts require a lot of time to research and you also need to know the background so a cursory look will leave most people believing that Q is just a conspiracy theory with no basis in fact.

This interview is really interesting for many reasons and I plan to outline some of them. But firstly, I just want to say that some of the conclusions he has reached, I have been gradually reaching on my own, which we could explain with the idea that Martin and I are in the same collecive consciousness field, that of Q and the Great Awakening, but we also have a similar way of thinking. Robert David Steele, the interviewer, also mentions that Martin has read Jung, and I learned about Jungian philosophy through my study of astrology, so we already speak the same 'language'. I understand the concepts he outlines quickly and easily. 

As Martin says, he was educated at Cambridge so is essentially an academic but he jokes that he has been trying to undo the damage that Cambridge did to him for the last thirty years! (I don't necessarily share this view. Only someone who has had the privilege of an education like Martin's would have the luxury of making such a comparison.) What we are taught in university is one the of topics they touch on, the fact that the history books are basically 'fiction'. I have heard this said many times, and it sounds very likely, since the winners wrote them, but this is evidently a very difficult thing to prove. Where do you find objective truth about the past?

I love the way Martin speaks about systems.

I really recommend reading his book available free at the link below. He summarises everything that's happening so succinctly. Really excellent work.