Sunday, October 10, 2021

How can I better serve humanity?

A much-needed reminder for me and as usual Lorie explains it in a way that's easy to understand.

I go back and forth between frustration and a serene acceptance of what is. In those moments of peace, I'm not as calm as Lorie appears to be, but I am able to feel fleeting moments of joy that remind me of who I once was, the child, full of excitement for what is to come.

I haven't been able to write anything for some time because I am watching the evisceration of our freedoms like someone watching a car crash in slow motion, stood on the side of the road, frozen in shock and impotence. I have watched in anguish and incredulity as I saw one after another of my friends and family roll up their sleeves to be injected with they know not what. Some were so proud of their decision that they posted photos of the event on their social media pages. I have felt a complex range of emotions, from anger and disgust to frustration and finally sadness, as I processed my reaction to their choices. But in the end, the overriding emotion is one of disappointment. 

In the past, I had loved my friends dearly. We spent many nights partying together and sharing intimate thoughts about our lives and the world. We had a lot of fun, dancing at free parties, in fields, at festivals, camping in the mountains... In those days, we were really close but over the years we grew apart. Some of us moved away. But even though we hardly talk anymore, I never stopped caring about them. That's why it's so hard to see them submit to the poisonous injections. Two of them, previously fit and healthy, have already suffered the ill effects. One told me he had a swollen heart for four weeks. Another is seriously injured with a diagnosed blood clot in his liver, and likely more in his lungs. He almost had a heart attack and was admitted to hospital just in time. Now he sleeps all the time and is unable to walk more than 200 metres. All of them, that weren't lucky enough to get the placebo, will have suffered some form of injury which will manifest in the months or years to come, especially if they submit to more injections. 

I am angry and frustrated because I shared the information with them on social media. I've been sharing information for years to warn them of the things the pharmaceutical companies were doing and the way politicians, governments and courts were corrupt. Surely they must know that anyway without me telling them? Some of them came to the poll tax demonstration with me and saw how the police were ordered to kettle us in Trafalgar Square and then ride horses into the crowd causing fear and panic. We tried to leave but the riot police hit my friend with his truncheon and forced us back into the square. Later on our TV screens, we saw how the media lied to the country and painted us as hooligans and vandals. 

I am disappointed because I expected more from my friends. I thought they were smarter than that. I thought they would see through the charade and see this global takeover and reallocation of resources, thinly veiled as a 'pandemic', for what it is. I thought they would stand up for their rights and say 'No' to the stealthy removal of our freedoms. I thought they would see the trap that had been set for us and that they would step around it. I thought they would stand their ground and refuse to comply with creeping authoritarianism. I thought they were more like me - an aware embodiment of sovereign consciousness. Now I realise they never were. They are sovereign, but they are unaware of the power they possess.

My lovely Swedish lightworker friend told me there was nothing I could do when I asked her how I can stop my friends from getting the jab. She was right of course. They are adults with their own minds and capable of making their own decisions. My natural instinct to defend and protect others, in its negative manifestation, becomes controlling behaviour based on an arrogant belief that I know better what is right for others, which I don't of course. So I must let go, step back, and allow them to make their own mistakes. You see, there is the arrogance again. For me it would be a mistake, but for them perhaps it isn't. I don't have the full picture and I don't have all the answers. I don't know what their lessons are because they are none of my business. I only know what my lessons are and one of them is letting go and trusting that things will work out for the best. In fact, this is probably my biggest lesson, one I have yet to master, or just allow...