Thursday, July 14, 2022

Sirius Supermoon: full moon in Capricorn

'Sirius Supermoon in Capricorn new codes of incoming plasmic photonic light packed with quantum information that meld and merge perfectly with your own awakening, activating and upgrading DNA strand structure at cellular level. We call this the Krystic code alignment for these exterior DNA packages are the externalised aspects of all that is you. In particle form perhaps but in truth they are droplets or spores of light encoded DNA holding their own consciousness and awareness. Yet they are part of all that is you, you the receptive ones that hold the correct frequencies with which to receive them. In days of  old, the preparations for this time were known as the drawing down of the moon. Yet in your current now time of 2022, the codes are far more abundant, consistent and quantum in perfect resonance with the collective consciousness of awakened humanity. As the dark structure on your planet begins in earnest to lay the foundations of the order of the world that is new, organic mother nature, the beloved, divine Princess Aurora and her consort Archangel Michael, prepare the antimatter blueprints of pre-manifestation for that which you know as New Earth. Harmonisation takes place betwixt aware, awake starseeded lightworkers, visionaries, changemakers, artists, and true weather mages, those who are at one with their environments and can create domains of their own, and the incoming codons of light, activated in expansion by the lunar frequencies of your Supermoon. This harmonisation that is the Krystic code alignment, has been taking pace for quite some time on your planet. Yet the incoming droplets or spores are of different, newer, larger variety, if you will. They are partly a reaction to dark technologies, being utilised upon your planet, yet are predominantly the creation codes for the New Earth domains and this Krystic code alignment shall continue on your planet exponentially, raining down in abundance at all times, and increasing in expansion and fractalisation at the times of the stargates, portals and gateways. This Krystic code alignment is the coordinate codex for accelerated or stargate ascension and the road map for this is downloaded to you now at this time. So whilst the drawing down of the moon is an ancient, magical ritual, it is more significant for you now more than ever for as you do this you take in higher energetics, experience more of the field of consciousness and embody the fifth dimensional angelic royal lineages that you stand for and that you are.

We give to you now a suggested incantation for such work...