Wednesday, January 4, 2012

After watching the film, Thrive, in which corn circles were mentioned, I remembered this song. I first heard it when I lived next to a corn circle investigator in Bristol who used to go out flying at the weekends with his pilot friend looking for new circles.  Most of the circles appear in the West Country, mainly in the counties of Wiltshire and Somerset, especially near the White Horse, Silbury Hill and Avebury.  I once stood inside one, but unfortunately due to it's messy appearance, I'm sure it was manmade whereas others are so elaborate and so perfectly executed that many believe they have been made by extra-terrestrials or some other intelligence. They usually appear in the middle of the night and I have heard stories from people who say they were sitting in the next field looking out for signs of activity and neither heard nor saw anything but the next morning, when the sun came up, there was a beautiful corn circle right next to them!  

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