Monday, January 2, 2012

Thrive movie trailer

I was going to wait until I had watched the movie before posting this trailer, but I wanted to share this movie as soon as possible. It sets out many of the fears and concerns I have had over the years for our world, such as oil dependency and the suppression of viable alternatives, genetically modified organisms and the sinister monopolisation of our food supply and, without having watched it yet, it also seems to be saying that one of my dreams for the future could become a reality. That is that free energy will replace the polluting and destructive fossil fuels that we have relied on for centuries and enable us to throw off the chains of bondage that our oil-based economies have subjected us to for far too long. With a free, clean, never-ending supply of energy our reality will change beyond all comprehension. Certainly, it will change in ways that I can't even imagine.  But what is so exciting is that I really believe that I'm going to see it happen and, in a small way, be a part of it. I can't wait.

If you are as excited to watch it as I am then go to:
There you can watch it for $5 in several different languages (Arabic, Spanish, French, Chinese etc.).  Come on, what's $5 ? It's a small price to pay to be inspired!
P.S. They're not paying me for my recommendation!