Tuesday, March 11, 2014


Saturday I received the reiki attunement which means that I am now a channel for this healing energy. My friend, who recently became a reiki master, kindly offered to perform the ritual so that I would be able to give healing to the members of my family who need it on a regular basis.

I have known about this healing modality for several years since another friend in Bristol learned the technique. She said that it was amazing and had completely changed her life. For my part, I was sceptical because I had been receiving healing free of charge from the National Federation of Spiritual Healers for a few years but these reiki attunements were costing anywhere from several hundred to a few thousand pounds. To me it seemed like people were cashing in on the growing interest in alternative treatments.

So that considered, why would I go ahead and have the reiki attunement? It is true that I do not believe that anyone needs an 'attunement' to be able to heal others. All that is a necessary is an genuine desire to help another and, for those who believe in such things, giving one's consent to become a channel for any healing a person may need in accordance with their highest good. But since my friend was offering to teach me for free as she wanted to practice her new skills, I decided that it certainly would not hurt to learn a new technique that could help the people in my life and, from what I have been told, I would also benefit from the healing sessions.

So, since Saturday I have been feeling quite calm and contented. I have performed reiki on myself, which I must continue to do every day for a total of 21 days. I will update this page with any observations and changes I notice. If nothing else, it is encouraging me to reconnect with desire I had before I moved here, which was to become an alternative health practitioner.
It's been a week since I received the attunement and I have experienced some side effects as my friend said I might. Twice I woke up at 4am to finish my self-treatment after falling asleep in the middle of it. Once I had finished it, I felt really good before I fell asleep again until my alarm at 6.30am. She warned me that I might feel some negative physical symptoms such as nausea, headaches and dizziness among others. These three I experienced last night which sent me straight to bed but now I am almost recovered. Heightened emotions today; being easily moved to tears or laughter. The best of it is the feeling of general contentment and appreciation for everything. I feel more fully present and more joyful. I'm counting my blessings and noticing the small things. The scent of the lemon I cut for my morning drink is an exquisite perfume. The white hairs on my dog's chin, proof of his ten years, make him distinguished. The vivid yellow, spring daffodils with trumpets turned towards me seem to bid me good morning as I walk down the path. The textured, gravelly tones of my students' voices and  the scratching sounds of their pens on the paper hold me, gracefully, in the moment. My heart is open and I feel the flow of love moving between myself and the people I am with. It's a feeling of ease but I can feel the difference when I focus on something I don't like. I'm resisting it and my heart closes a little which hurts quite a lot. I mean, it hurts physically in the middle of my chest. So then I choose to focus on something else or I let it go and breathe it out. It is what it is and I don't have to identify with it so strongly. Finally, the dreams are more vivid and I visit other realities which are similar but different to this one and the people I meet there are the same or like blends of more than one familiar person. Last night the meeting was one that left me with butterflies today, but I can't remember why. Dreams are like that sometimes.