Monday, January 22, 2018

Message from the Other Side

I discovered this video in my social media feed this morning and decided the information was important to share. It is an interview with a mother, Angela, from Canada, whose son died at the age of 26. A few months after his death she began getting communication from him while in a meditative state as she drifted off to sleep. As someone who has also experienced contact from a loved one who has passed over while in the dream state, I do not find this at all unusual. It is something that you know is not just a dream because you can feel the person's presence and hear their voice. In my case, the contact was so clear, intense and cathartic that I woke up sobbing. 

She begins the account of her experience by saying how she was dozing on the sofa and she heard his voice and felt his spirit. She said that a huge amount of information was "downloaded" into her and that she had to get up and write it all down so that she wouldn't forget anything. She asked him lots of questions such as what it was like on the other side and he told her it was like Earth but with brilliant colours, no pain, only unconditional love and joy and you can manifest anything you want only by thinking about it. She asked him if they have to eat there and he said you could if you wanted to but that it wasn't necessary. You could manifest a meal with your thoughts and it would appear in front of you. A steak would taste like a steak but it wouldn't come from animals just from your thoughts (and presumably your memories of what a steak tastes like).

She then asked him if it was true that Earth was a huge computer simulated program like a prison matrix and he said that yes we are inside in a huge simulator so that we could all express ourselves inside the things we have created together. But he said that it all got hijacked aeons ago by dark, nasty beings who wanted to control everything and who made us all into slaves. They all spread like a dark cancer on Earth but now they are being removed from the planet because the cancer is threatening to infect other galaxies. They don't want to leave as they feed off our low emotions of fear and anger and pain (known as "louche" in the lightworker community) but it's all coming to an end soon.

She asks him what he does up there and did he get bored but he laughed and said not at all. He said that he still built things (he was in construction when he was alive) and visited people. He said there is no day or night there - no time - just the now moment.  She finds out that he constructs white healing domes there. When she asks what they are for he explains that they are for the great number of souls that will be crossing over to his side soon.

During the next contact she had with him in February 2017, she asked him why so many people would be crossing over at the same time and was it because of World War 3. He said no not at all because World war 3 would not be allowed to happen (I have heard this before many times before in channeled material. See ETs disarm nuclear warheads article below.) He said that from the outside it might look like Donald Trump wants World war 3 but that he is only trying to turn the ship around and it's making huge waves. But it's shaking the fleas off the dog and the rats are jumping ship (lots of metaphors there!). He (Donald Trump) is cleaning this mess up. They (the Illuminati) want to push for World War 3 because they want to "harvest" as many souls as possible before they leave. He then says again that there will be no war but that it will get a bit more ugly for a bit longer but not much. "It's clean-up time."

Then she asks him about a couple of the other fearful doomsday prophecies that have been going around for a while - the pole reversal and a collision with the planet Nibiru (first explained in Zechariah Sitchin's book, The Twelfth Planet) - and he said that she should take the word "fear" out of Nibiru because it was a planet that would play a big part in the cosmic galactic dance that is coming soon. He said for his mum to think of the meteor showers that happen every year in August and multiply that by a million. He said the "players" are taking their positions for this cosmic game, this grand event. Many planets are ascending and moving up alongside planet Earth. She asked him to explain who the "players" are and he said the players are the planets which will create the meteor showers and fireworks in the sky. She asked him if it were true that the souls crossing over were due to the ascension process and that the planet was moving into the 5D (5th density) She says that he laughed when he said that it's what she and her new age hippy friends had been talking about for years! He said he knew that she had tried to wake him up when he was alive and that he had thought his mum was a conspiracy nut but that now he sees the big picture. He said there are tons of UFOs from other star systems watching and keeping their eyes on any nuclear facilities or missiles as well as in space to keep us protected. He says, "Then they are gathering here to watch the big show." She asked him what he meant by this and he said that it's like when a baby is being born and all the family come to witness the birth. The UFOs come to watch us give birth but the planet will not be destroyed by war or by Nibiru.

He says that Jesus is not going to come down on a cloud to save us and will be more like the "Walmart greeter" (Walmart supermarket assistant greeting customers when they enter the shop) when we cross over. She then explains how he calls the asleep humans the Walmart people and that the reason for the healing domes was that one minute they would be sitting on the sofa drinking beer, eating chips and watching the hockey game and a minute later they would be in 5D and that they would be traumatized by that and would need healing and care. She asked him about UFOs and whether humans would be taken onto ships to rescue them but he said no because that would traumatise them even more.

In June 2017 her son contacts her again and insists that she get a pen and paper to write down what he tells her. He begins to use analogy of a concert to explain what is happening with us now. He says that it is as though we are taking a friend to a concert. Our friend has never gone to a concert before but we have been to many. Our friend represents the humans who are still asleep and we are the ones that are awakened. So we take our friend to the concert and we look down on the orchestra below us with hundreds of instruments and they are all rehearsing but it sounds really terrible. Our friend starts to freak out and say it sounds awful and how it sounds like devil's work. So you make them sit down and calm them down and tell them that the best is yet to come. So they sit back down reluctantly and then the orchestra goes completely silent and your friend once again starts to panic and ask what's going on, that it's so quiet and dark and says again it must be Satan's work. So you take your friends hand and calm them down and tell them it's okay and that the best is yet to come, trust me. Then a spotlight goes on on the stage as the conductor takes his place before the orchestra and once again your friend is afraid and asks if he is the Devil. So you calm her again and once again tell her to wait because the best is yet to come. So then the conductor walks up to the podium and raises his baton and the orchestra begins to play. Suddenly every person in the orchestra begins emanating millions of little hearts from their hearts and every instrument emanates the little hearts until it fills the whole concert hall and begins flowing into the audience. It's the most blissful music of unconditional love you have ever heard. All the millions of hearts float up, up, up through the ceiling, through the roof into the sky, into space, radiating out into the galaxies and the whole universe. So you turn to your friend and say "Wasn't this worth waiting for? Isn't this just the most amazing thing you've ever seen?" And your friend is glowing with unconditional love.

Angela then asks her son why he is telling her this and he said it was because she asked where humanity was at that time in June 2017. He explains that then we were at the end of the part where the orchestra was rehearsing and it sounds horrible, like chaos and, like our friend, we want to run out of the concert because we can't stand it. He said we are just at the end of the chaos, just before the part where it is silent. Then he says not to mistake the calm for the calm before the storm. He said there isn't going to be a storm. It is going to be the calm before the most amazing, beautiful event in history that anybody has ever seen.

Do as you will with this information. Believe it or don't believe it. Personally, it's not the first time I've heard this type of information about life on the "other side" and the need to heal those who are not awakened enough to deal with the transition when it happens. Regarding Trump, I started to realise he wasn't working for the usual suspects (Q - see below - calls them "bad actors") and may be working for the light when I noticed how the western media were trying everything in the book to take him down. According to them, Trump is at once a racist bigot, a misogynist, an inexperienced child and a mentally unstable warmonger. No US president before him has ever been treated so disrespectfully in the media - not even Ronald Reagan. I, for one, really hope it's true that there is going to be an "event" because I am so sick of it all now. This world is a mess and knowing what I know I just can't go back to pretending life is a all fluffy bunny rabbits and shooting stars. I've never believed the indoctrination of "that's the way it has to be because there is no other way and that's the way it's always been" rubbish. I'm exhausted because I've been working towards this time for years and years and now I just want it to be over.

I want to go and have fun in the new Earth!


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