Monday, February 12, 2018

Ascension news - February (vaccinations)

This is really helpful information for me right now as I have been trapped in apathy just lately. Today has been a day of high irritation and nervousness. My tolerance for anything stressful is very low. I need to stay calm and peaceful.

The irritation became anger that needed purging. The focus but not the cause of the anger was the babies that are still dying or being seriously harmed by vaccinations due to many people's unwillingness to use critical thinking and continue to trust badly informed doctors and other health professionals. It's horrible to hear about babies that have to have inhalers at 17 months or have chronic food intolerances at two and a half.

I just can't deal with how people are still so obedient and so complacent. The mothers of the above children have no idea why their kids are like that. I asked the one whose baby has bronchitis why she thought that was and she said she didn't know but that it was normal for kids these days. She said he gets it every time he has a cold which, by the sound of it, is quite often. They don't realise that their child's immune system has been damaged by the vaccines they have received since the day they were born.

I know it is the vaccines not only because of the incredible numbers of individual testimonies that can be found on the internet, both written and video, but because of personal experience. My son was very ill after the one vaccination he was allowed to have. Even that one wasn't really allowed by me. The nurse ignored my questions, glared at me and then forcibly grabbed my child's leg and stuck the needle in it. I'll never forget that. She treated me like an ignorant fool and her contempt for me was all over her face. I never went back because I knew then as I've always known, that I am the boss when it comes to my body and that of my offspring. I decide what's best for us because ultimately it is me that is responsible for my child if anything goes wrong. I am his mother and I swore to take care of him to the best of my ability for the rest of my life if he needs me to. That is what being a parent is. For me it is a sacred thing and I take that vow seriously. I would never forgive myself if I allowed anything to happen to him.

I also know that vaccines are causing babies to be very sick because I saw it happen to my friend's baby. She had a baby four weeks before me and we shared time together both as pregnant and then as nursing mothers. I remember telling her that I was unsure about vaccinations because they seemed too invasive and artificial. I didn't see that they were necessary as the childhood illnesses they were supposed to protect against were relatively mild and my grandmother made it clear that it was a good thing to have them because it made you stronger. Books on natural health that I was reading explained how childhood illnesses were a rite of passage and developed as well as strengthened the immune system. My friend, on the other hand, told me that she would make sure her baby had every medical intervention the doctor told her to. She was very submissive and obedient and I really don't understand that way of thinking that allows someone to just hand over their baby in complete trust. I suppose I just didn't have that level of confidence in western allopathic medicine even then.

After his first vaccinations at two months her baby started to have health problems. He started to throw up his milk, had breathing problems and eczema. She was still breastfeeding and the doctor told her the baby could be reacting to her breastmilk. I told her that I didn't believe it could be that or else he would have been ill straight away. She didn't listen to me of course, which is fair enough, but worst of all she didn't listen to herself. She followed her doctor's advice and stopped breastfeeding. She tried various formula milk powders which made no difference to his condition, finally settling on a soya formula. This was only slightly better and she went backwards and forwards to the doctor and other clinics getting lotions and corticosteroids for his skin, asthma inhalers, antihistamine medications and finally an Epi-pen, an adrenaline injection to be used in the case of anaphylactic shock. Of course, she continued to take him along for all his vaccinations and although I gently suggested that it might be something to do with them, I really didn't know then either.

But it was awful for her because he just got sicker and sicker until he was allergic to almost everything. She would give him something to eat and he would get a red rash around his mouth and my friend would panic because she was terrified that he was going to have a serious reaction, which actually happened one day when they went to a friend's house who turned out to be cooking chicken satay. Chicken satay, in case you don't know, is chicken cooked  in a peanut sauce. Peanuts have become highly allergenic in recent years (which is to do with peanut oil being used as a vaccine ingredient). He somehow came into contact with it, maybe from the other children there, had a severe reaction and they had to call an ambulance.

I felt so sorry for her because she tried so hard to find answers and solutions. She asked me every time I saw her if I had any ideas. At that time I really didn't know and I had no help to offer her other than to try to support her in finding foods her son could eat and cooking suitable meals for him when he visited and not allowing my son to have anything he couldn't have. It was a very difficult situation.

I have since lost touch with her and I don't know if she was ever able to get to the root of the problem. I hope her son grew out of his conditions with such a clean, additive-free diet or that she was able to find effective treatments like a lot of mothers are doing these days. Most of all, I hope she stopped vaccinating and realised that, at the very least, it wasn't helping him to inject foreign substances into his already so overloaded, fragile little body.

Since meeting this family, I have met many others in my son's school and other places who have sickly kids who are deathly pale with dark circles under their eyes, lack social skills and won't eat anything but chips and sweet foods. They suffer from asthma, eczema, constipation and other gut problems, food intolerance and allergies. They catch every cold virus that they come into contact with and have a runny, blocked nose almost constantly. This is the new normal apparently, but my son was never like that so I don't accept that definition of normal and, in my view, neither should anyone else.

Vaccinated vs. unvaccinated study: