Thursday, March 1, 2018

Encouragement for Truthers

I'm so grateful for this channelling from Magenta which I found during the early hours of Monday morning when I was unable to sleep. It's very lonely on this road so it's nice to hear some encouraging words, especially with the heavy internet censorship that's happening now.

I am learning to balance passion with compassion at the moment. By that I mean that I am following my desire for information about the progress of the current energetic battle as it is manifested in the 3D physical world but when I become too involved and I feel my passion for humanity's release from bondage become impatience with the slow pace of change, I am learning to pull back because the negative feelings of frustration and anger feel so awful now. So I'm learning to withdraw my focus from the intensity of the battle between light and dark that I and so many others see taking place in our world and which many believe is the time of Revelation as foretold in the bible. I withdraw my focus so that I can rediscover my centre, my higher self, my heart and my compassion.

The words that stood out most for me in this channelling were, "Remember who you are." This snapped me out of my passionate but single-minded descent into feelings of righteous anger and desire for vengeance that I know are a normal human response to discovering the darkness that has been allowed to run rampant in our world for far too long and the innocent lives that have been devoured by this evil. It is almost impossible to contemplate that such depravity really exists. One of my wise students said that this evil exists in all of us. I had to agree with him because we are all composed of light and dark but I reminded him that we don't have to act on it. So we stand in judgment of those that do and see ourselves as better human beings because we have to keep ourselves apart from them, separate, superior. If we don't we fear we could fall into the abyss and be lost forever.

"Remember who you are." I remember who I am. I am an innocent soul that came here to help. I was born with this memory that dimmed as I grew older but was never extinguished and now has been rekindled. I know my intentions are pure because I have explored the opposite polarity. I know that for me that word, "intention" is key. It is my intentions that count - who I choose to be in this world. I can be anything but I choose truth and freedom to be the frequencies I hold inside. And I pray for the strength to hold the frequencies of compassion, forgiveness and unconditional love steady in my heart and radiate them to all, even to those whose actions I despise.