Monday, March 19, 2018

Equinox Golden Gateway - 20 March 2018 - Critical mass for global alchemy of balance

Tomorrow is the spring equinox, the first day of spring and the moment when all of Gaia's offspring are reborn after a long winter of rest and rejuvenation. In this channeling Magenta's Nine speak of a greater rebirth on a global level. They say that the rebirthing happens automatically but when it becomes conscious for an individual and they actively create it, the rebirthing then accelerates and fast-tracks them into the Golden Age. She refers to the activation of the Golden Mean, the alchemy of balance that is achieved and says that this has happened in repeating cycles for millenia. It is the expression of the climb aspect of creation rather than its opposing aspect the fall.

She says that as our planet transitions into the fullest expression of Gaia, we are now in a global rebirthing and the highest point is tomorrow the 20th March 2018. This is now critical mass for global golden mean activation and global alchemy of balance. "This is the global alchemy of ascension with the ascending individuals reaching a crescendo of alchemised activation within their DNA fields at the same time."