Saturday, June 20, 2020

Summer solstice 2020

Happy summer solstice!

I just did a zoom meeting with 26 strangers located mainly here in Spain. We did a shamanic feather meditation which was wonderful. It was to bring love and light from the higher realms to Spain and the rest of the Earth. People commented on their experiences during the visualisation. I saw Spain covered in a layer of gold.

Then we did another guided meditation where we were taken by a animal guide  - mine was a black panther - underground to meet the Spanish Goddess of the Earth.  She told me her name was Eufelia (or Eufemia?), but I also heard the name Aurora. She gifted me with water. I gave her my pink rose quartz. She told me I had lived in Spain before in 1300. She told me to plant more roses in my garden and to remove the thistles. In the garden representing Spain, it was full of cherry, olive, lemon, orange trees. I asked what I could do to help Spain and she told me to remove the brambles.