Wednesday, June 10, 2020

Project Blue Beam

Magenta talks about a dream she had which I don't particularly resonate with. But she does talk about the Cabal plans and she mentioned Project Blue Beam. She's mentioned it before recently but said that it wasn't on our timeline. However, in this video she says it is now showing as a potential.

This is interesting to me because over the years I've had a recurring dream where there was an alien invasion. The most memorable of these dreams was where aliens were landing in ships and quickly hunting us down and rounding us up. I don't remember people being killed but it was pretty scary. I managed to get away and I was trying to get to where my son was on the map. I say map because that how it seemed. I knew that he was in another part of the map. I also knew that my significant other was somewhere and I needed to find him too. I call this person my significant other because when I had this dream I hadn't met the person that I now refer to as my twin because I was still living in the UK then. I didn't know him but I knew he was somewhere on the map, in this dream reality that was meant to be Earth. It seemed like we were lost because there were so many of these technologically superior aliens and they were everywhere. But then suddenly other ships came out of  the sky and landed. Within no time they took control and stopped the other aliens from carrying out their plans for us. The most vivid image was of one of the benevolent aliens standing an a raised grass verge. He was extremely tall, muscular and warrior-like. He was dressed in what looked like some kind of military uniform and was carrying a long weapon like a spear. He was striking not only because of his size but because he had blue skin and long hair that I remember as being plaited like cornrows. But what I remember most about this giant was the energy he radiated, or perhaps he spoke to me telepathically. What I felt was that he was there to protect me and that we were all safe. The message was that the other aliens were not going to be allowed to carry out their agenda. They had overstepped the mark and a higher authority was interceding on our behalf. I remember feeling that everything was going to be alright before I woke up.

Magenta mentions that we are all a team and that we are connected telepathically.