Sunday, June 7, 2020

World Peace Prayer

A prayer for us all so needed at this time. Lisa Renee says to wear the 12D shield. This is a short visualisation that can be found below. It's a meditation to create a shield around you to protect the aura from negative interference. If you are empathic you will have noticed the increased fear and anger that is strong in the collective consciousness. Those who are doing light work are sensitive to the thoughts that pass through their minds and that they are not always their own. It is important to protect ourselves and to practice what some call energetic hygiene. Personally, I didn't use to do this as I felt it to be acknowledging that the dark had power over me, but during these times, where there is an amplification in the intensity of the negative forces as their desperation to hold on to power is becoming so acute, I have felt a clear benefit in shielding myself and my loved ones.

With love, light and blessings to you.

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