Tuesday, March 9, 2021

New Earth and Old: faith, hope and trust

Magenta explains the coexistence of old and new Earth which is happening now and will carry on for some time yet.  She uses some code words and the metaphor of a novel in order to avoid the censors. Maxine is something I have hated and despised for more than two decades. STS is service to self and STO service to others. 

New Earth Ambassadors

Individuals who are not really connected to cyber-world, having a youtube channel or website but who are creating new Earth in the material world, such as a festival or other event that brings people together. She said these ambassadors will be invisible to STS scouts. These people have always looked for organic, grass roots movements that they seek to infiltrate and corrupt from the inside to prevent the creation of new and alternative paradigms. But those times are over and Magenta says that they won't be able to find them and they won't be able to see them as they a protected by a cloak of invisibility. She addresses any STS individuals listening, telling them that there is nothing at all they can do to stop this, it's done. For the STO individuals, if we wish to meet a new Earth ambassador, we can ask with a pure heart to meet one.